An alleged deleted clip from Justice League surfaced on the web in the dawn of the New Year. It’s not much but it has people talking and invoking the words “Snyder Cut.”

The short and simple footage shows Ben Affleck’s Batman throwing a Batarang at a CCTV camera to disable it. That’s all, really, yet fans are wondering if Zack Snyder filmed it and where it fits in his overall vision. Have a look below.

Obviously, it’s pure, unadulterated Batman, possibly more than DC’s Extended Universe has thus far offered. And zealous fans are wanting more. Replies to the original tweet are positive, one saying this is “THE BATMAN WE WERE SUPPOSED TO GET.”

Several others speculate Joss Whedon is really the one responsible for the scene. One Twitter user asserts in the correct Buffy parlance “It smells… Whedony.”

Some in the thread support the Whedon claim, arguing the clip looks unfinished and is reminiscent of the reshoots we saw in the final film. If so, people might be getting too excited and attributing a few seconds of footage to the wrong man in hopes of getting that Snyder Cut.

You can’t blame them when Snyder himself has been fanning the flames for the past several months. The director keeps putting something new on his Vero that teases what could have been and he may have leaked this latest footage. Batman was a huge cog in his plans. Snyder was going to work in Darkseid and there is a hint the Dark Knight was going to fall to him in battle.

Such revelations whet the appetites of believers in Snyder’s Cut and affirm the probability of its existence. More and more people are talking about it as if it does exist, some of them insiders. Aquaman actor Jason Momoa, unable to contain his enthusiasm lately, expressed a desire to see it.

During an MTV interview, Momoa said this.

“I’m obsessed with [the Snyder cut] too. That’s just one thing that sucks with our business, where you just can’t speak your mind. But yeah, f*** yeah I want to see it.”

Remember, the Aquaman star stated before there was a much bigger arc for him in Justice League that was left on the cutting room floor and it would’ve transitioned right into where his hit solo film starts off.

What do you think? Are the pieces coming together to form the Snyder Cut? Will we see it someday? Do you want to?

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