Dragon Ball Super and Boku No Hero Academia voice actress Monica Rial has recently responded to accusations that she was responsible for the removal of both a fan from an autograph line at Pensacon 2019 and fellow Dragon Ball Super voice actor Todd Haberkorn from a panel at Zenkaikon 2019.

On April 2nd, in response to a tweet discussing the Vice-Chair of Sakuracon filing an ethics complaint against lawyer Nick Rekieta, a twitter user going by the display name Spitfire claimed, in a 3rd-party account of the alleged situation, that Rial had removed their friend from the convention due to said friend cosplaying Edward Elric (the main character of the popular anime Fullmetal Alchemist, whose voice is provided by Vic Mignogna, the subject of the #KickVic and #IStandWithVic campaigns) while waiting in line to receive an autograph during a signing session at Pensacon:

Rial would respond to these accusations by denying that she had personally removed any fan from the convention due to their cosplay and stating that if such an event had occurred, it was done at the direction of the convention staff without her knowledge:

Pensacon would also respond to a direct inquiry by Spitfire regarding the incident, corroborating Rial’s statement that no such incident had occurred, to which Spitfire apologized to Rial for believing their friends alleged falsified account:

Though this incident appears to have turned out to be a false report, some fans were reminded of a similar claim against Rial which alleges that Rial was responsible for the removal of Todd Haberkorn from a panel at Zenkaicon. In response to a fan who brought up the alleged removal of Haberkorn, Rial stated that the reason for his removal from the panel was a conflict regarding the convention’s contracts:

The reasoning provided by Rial raises questions concerning the Zenkaicon 2019 schedule. According to the schedule, Haberkorn was relegated to one-panel per day, not including the Opening Ceremonies panel (which both Haberkorn and Rial attended):

Friday – 8:15 PM – Todd Haberkorn Presents: Show and Tell with Todd

Saturday – 9:00 PM – Todd Haberkorn Presents: (In)-Appropriate Night Time Stories for Kids that are 18+

Sunday – 12:15 PM – Todd Haberkorn Presents: A Todd and His Phone

However, prior to his removal from the panel, Haberkorn was slated to be a featured guest at The Voice Actor’s Panel, an appearance that was previously advertised by Zenkaicon. If Haberkorn’s contract stated that he was to only participate in one panel per day, it seems foolish that the con themselves would break Haberkorn’s contract by scheduling and promoting his appearance at a second panel. How Rial allegedly obtained knowledge of Haberkorn’s contract remains a curious unknown.

It is also curious that this alleged stipulation is seemingly only present in one voice actor’s contract: Haberkorn’s. Rial was a featured guest at five different panels, three of which occurred on Saturday:>

Friday – 7:00 PM – My Hero Academia Panel

Saturday – 11:30 AM – The Voice Actor’s Panel

Saturday – 4:15 PM – Meet Monica Rial Q&A

Saturday – 7:00 PM – CONversations: Monica Rial

Sunday – 11:00 AM – Acting 101 with Monica Rial

Michaela Dietz, the voice actor behind Amethyst in Steven Universe, saw her only three panels fall on the same day:

Saturday – 11:30 AM – The Voice Actor’s Panel

Saturday – 3:00 PM – Steven Universe Panel

Saturday – 8:30 PM – CONversations with Michaela Dietz

Furthermore, A Certain Magical Index and Boku No Hero Academia voice actor Austin Tindle also participated in multiple panels on both Friday and Saturday:

Friday – 7:00 PM – My Hero Academia Panel

Friday – 10:00 PM – Austin Tindle’s Raunchy Shakespeare

Saturday – 11:30 AM – The Voice Actor’s Panel

Saturday – 1:45 PM – Austin Tindle Q&A

Saturday – 3:00 PM – CONversations with Austin Tindle

Saturday – 10:30 PM – Guests Against Humanity

As of writing, no official statement regarding Haberkorn’s contract or his removal from The Voice Actor’s Panel has been issued by either Zenkaikon or Haberkorn.

What do you make of Monica Rial’s explanations?