Smallville actress Allison Mack plead guilty to racketeering charges due to her relation to the NXIVM group that has been described as a sex cult. Mack did plead not guilty to charges involving sex trafficking and conspiracy to commit sex trafficking and forced labor.

Mack, who played Chloe Sullivan in Smallville, was arrested last April due to involvement with the alleged sex cult known as NXIVM. She was arrested following the arrest of alleged cult leader Keith Raniere by Mexican authorities. When Mexican authorities arrested Raniere, Mack was seen running after him, and a report from the Daily Mail indicated she got in a high-speed car chase with local police.

The cult has been accused of branding their members with Mack and Raniere’s initials, forcing their members to perform sexual acts, and providing evidence to be used in potential blackmail against them.

In a federal complaint against the alleged leader of the cult Keith Raniere, Mack was listed as “Co-Conspirator 1.” The complaint alleged Mack recruited an unnamed actress into the cult, forced the actress to provide collateral which involved “letters detailing false and highly damning accusations against her family members.” The complaint also alleges that the actress gave Mack her credit card numbers and required her to travel to Halfmoon every week. Halfmoon is a townhouse that Raniere allegedly turned into his sex lair.

On one trip to Halfmoon, the actress was told to remove her clothing, place a blindfold over eyes, and drive around in a car with Raniere. He then took her to a shack in the woods where she was tied down and forced into acts with an unknown man. Authorities report Raniere continued sexual contact with the actress for months following the incident described above.

Fox News indicates Mack is not the only NXIVM member to plead guilty. Former NXIVM executive Nancy Salzman and her daughter Lauren have also plead guilty. Nancy and Lauren Slazman also plead guilty to racketeering charges.

Nancy Salzman told Judge Nicohlas G. Garaufis of Federal District Court in Brooklyn that she altered recordings “to remove sections we did not want to turn over.” She also admitted to conducting “invasions of privacy.”

Mack was released on a $5 million bond according to the New York Times.

What do you make of Mack’s guilty plea?

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