Comedic actor Marlon Wayans doesn’t play around much with big franchises or comic book movies. Known for the Scary Movie series of parodies, Wayans broke from his mold once in 2009 to star in G.I. JOE: the Rise of Cobra and his only real connection to superheroes is Blankman, a role played by his brother Damon.

But, playing a hero is something Marlon Wayans hopes to do someday and he has one in mind that would be a fit for his gifts. Sitting down with Screen Rant, Wayans revealed the elastic crimefighter Plastic Man is one kooky DC Comics character he dreams of playing, saying:

“I would love to play Plastic Man. I think he works with the comedic skill set that I have, in terms of how I’m physical, I’m bendy. And I think it’d be cool to just do it without… You know, what’s great about Black Panther is he’s a black superhero, right? But sometimes [it’s fun] to just do something. Like, you wouldn’t think Plastic Man was a black guy, but it’s not black – it’s just, he’s plastic. I think it’d be fun for me, because I know I got to add my humor to it. The only two superheroes I ever really wanted to play was Plastic Man and The Mask. Those are the two superhero films I would love to play.”

Wayans might have to battle Parks and Recreation cast member Ben Schwartz for the honor. The web anointed Schwartz as the ideal candidate for Plastic Man in the movies. He’s even talked about it, calling Plastic Man DC’s answer to Deadpool.

We All Wear Masks

It’s interesting Wayans brought up The Mask. A reboot of the Jim Carrey comedy based on the violent Dark Horse series has been talked about. It’s suggested producers want a female lead this time, as with so many other franchises, but Wayans would fulfill Hollywood’s seemingly required diversity quota. (Related: Disney Passes on Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren Action Series: Not “Female-Focused”)

The last person to play The Mask was Scream actor and comedian Jamie Kennedy in the maligned Son of the Mask. Wayans certainly couldn’t do any worse.

Plastic Man in the DCEU

A Plastic Man movie is rumored to be in some stage of development at Warner Bros. He is one among several lesser-known characters — including Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, and Martian Manhunter — getting considered for his own solo film. The lighter tone he is celebrated for could mean a Plastic Man movie is fast-tracked in a new DC Extended Universe all about directors and fun adventures.

Plastic Man was created by Jack Cole for Quality Comics and later wound up at DC. Noted writers who tackled the character over the years include Grant Morrison, Mark Waid, Geoff Johns, and Greg Rucka. Gail Simone wrote a Plastic Man series which sparked controversy more than a year ago. (Related: Gail Simone Apologizes to Trans Community for Plastic Man #3)

Does Marlon Wayans sound like a good choice to you for Plastic Man? Or, for that matter, The Mask? Leave a comment and perhaps your picks to play the stretchy Justice Leaguer.

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