Jonah Hill and Warner Bros. couldn’t reach a deal so the part of The Penguin in Matt Reeves’ The Batman is open. Comedian and actor Jason Alexander didn’t wait long to throw his name out there. He tweeted his interest, albeit facetiously, on Thursday.

Writing the next Penguin should be someone with expertise in marine biology, Alexander made a reference to an episode of Seinfeld.

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In “The Marine Biologist,” George poses as a marine biologist to impress a woman he hasn’t seen since college.

Unfortunately, the stunt backfires when he is exposed and can’t help a beached whale. Here is a pivotal scene from that season 5 episode:

Painkiller Jane co-creator Jimmy Palmiotti chimed in and thinks that making Alexander Penguin is a good, or “amazing,” idea:

Jason Alexander is a character actor with a ton of films and TV shows to his name – including Duckman and Pretty Woman. But he is best known for playing George Costanza on Seinfeld.

He wouldn’t be the first sitcom star to wear Oswald Cobblepot’s top hat and brandish his umbrella. Danny DeVito – Louie De Palma on five seasons of Taxi – portrayed Gotham’s avian king of the underworld in Batman Returns. Then there is Burgess Meredith, renowned for his numerous TV appearances.

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But moreover, Alexander has proven he can hold his own in dramas and thrillers through parts in such films as Jacob’s Ladder, The Burning, and The Paper. He also played the villain in Blankman so he has a trifle of experience with superheroes.

Starting this year, he supplies the voice of Syd Borgman on a DC Universe animated series about a character near and dear to Jimmy Palmiotti – Harley Quinn.

Jonah Hill was in negotiations for an undisclosed villain, believed to be either Penguin or The Riddler. He might be out but Matt Reeves reportedly added Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman and, this week, Paul Dano has also reportedly signed on to play Riddler.

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Starring Robert Pattinson and directed by Reeves, The Batman moves into production next year.