NME Journalist James McMahon: “F*** That Ghostbusters Trailer. You Don’t Reward Regressive Fanboys”

NME Journalist James McMahon took to Twitter to decry the first Ghostbusters: Afterlife trailer.

McMahon wrote on Twitter:

“F*** that Ghostbusters trailer. You don’t reward regressive fanboys – many of whom created an atmosphere of racist, mysoginist toxicity that led to a leading lady leaving this very platform – by MAKING THE VERY FILM THEY WANTED IN THE FIRST PLACE”


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McMahon would not be alone in his opinion. Matthew Rodriguez, the editor of The Body, stated:

lmao of course Ghostbusters: Afterlife is about family and lineage and legacy and all these other fucking white patriarchal American values. It’s literally a reaction to the idea of 4 women, including one Black woman. The franchise must assert its “REAL” predecessor.

He added, “sorry, not predecessor, I mean successor.”

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WIRED staff producer Adam Lance Garcia would note that he’s intrigued by the first trailer, but would have to justify that opinion by writing:

“This, of course, is not to discount Ghostbusters (2016), a film that was unfairly attacked by the worst kind of humans, (most of whom were men, because men are inherently emotional and irrational and get angry when women do anything, to which I say, go f*** yourselves dudes.)”

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The Verge’s Julia Alexander made it clear she disliked the trailer. She wrote:

“The new Ghostbusters trailer looks awful, and I’m sorry that we keep making Finn Wolfhard play Finn Wolfhard in a different city.

Only way I can imagine enjoyiing this if I imagine Paul Rudd is Scott Lang and Ant-Man is just like, ‘F*** it, time travel’s real, why not ghosts!'”

However, there were plenty of others who had a very different take on the film. Twitter user Quinton Reviews described the new trailer as a “film [that] seems like a love-letter made by a group of fans.”

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Everglade Angels author Blake Northcott also commented on the trailer noting that it appears that film studios have learned a lesson from “disastrous (and pricey) 2017 & 2018 experiments.”

That lesson being, “Don’t screw with franchises. Don’t mess with tone. Please customers, NOT critics. They’re catching on.”

Washington Times reporters and the creator of Souldfinder: Demon’s Match added, “It’s a Ghostbusters trailer that makes me want to see a Ghostbusters movie. Weird. I was told that I irrationally have a thing against Ghostbusters a few years ago.”

What did you think of the new Ghostbusters trailer? What do you make of McMahon’s comments?

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