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September 22, 2023
Ghostbusters: Answer The Call actress Leslie Jones continued to lash out at critics of the film describing them as “sad keyboard warriors living in their mothers’ basements” as well as attacking them as racists and misogynists.
Gary Grooberson (Paul Rudd) finds himself baffled by a mini-Stay Puft Marshmallow man in Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2021), Sony
March 27, 2023
Sony has officially added Patton Oswalt and Kumail Nanjiani to the cast of the upcoming ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ sequel.
Leslie Jones in a Ghostbusters movie
March 21, 2023
Michele Imperato Stabile, producer of the divisive girl-power Ghostbusters from 2016, rises to the top of Warner Bros. Pictures.
March 9, 2023
Some movie sequels continue to get a bad wrap, but are they really as terrible as we all remember? Here’s a few that just might deserve a second chance.
June 15, 2022
The Ghostbusters are headed back to New York in the next movie and more material, from animated shows to comics, are in development.
June 8, 2022
Comedian Leslie Jones is set to star in an adult-oriented animated series centered on a gender-swapped version of DC Comics hero Plastic Man.
March 25, 2022
Developer IllFonic have announced Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed- an asymmetrical multiplayer game where you can bust or be a ghost.
March 24, 2022
Bill Murray says people who mask up are “afraid to die and afraid to kill,” claims the pandemic is the most challenging time of our lives.
December 23, 2021
Ghostbusters 2016 director Paul Feig, who notoriously attacked fans for criticizing the film and has blamed everyone, but himself for the film’s box office failure, is now wondering why his film is not included in a newly announced Ghostbusters Ultimate Collection.