With the upcoming March 2020 release of the Final Fantasy VII remake on Playstation, we have a great cosplay that shows off the game’s primary protagonist, Cloud Strife.

Since Final Fantasy VII’s release back in 1997, the game has held a special place in every RPG lover’s heart for its gameplay and compelling storytelling.

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The game centers around the character of Cloud Strife, a former mercenary who ends up joining an eco-terrorist group fighting to stop megacorporation, Shinra Electric Power Company, from converting the planet Gaia lifesource’s the “Lifestream” into industrial energy.

This process of conversion takes the energy of the planet and turns it into Mako, the source of their society’s industrial engine.

So today Cloud is brought to life by Spanish cosplayer Gehe:

As you can see the entire Cloud costume was done with painstaking detail in mind. From the use of the left shoulder protector, down to the contacts, hair color, and hairstyle.

Take a look at the photos of his photoshoots below:

You can also see that the gloves are pretty on point for the character as seen both in the original game as well as the movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

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There are also some close-ups in which you can see that the makeup done also brings out even greater detail of the character from the PlayStation 1 game.

There was also a fourth closeup photo of the photoshoot that Gehe shared on his Twitter:

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Gehe has thousands of followers on both Instagram and Twitter where you can see him show off his cosplay skills. You can follow Gehe on Instagram and Twitter.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be available exclusively on Playstation 4 March 3rd, 2020.