Geralt of Rivira or the White Wolf is the ultimate outsider. Born of a sorceress and unnamed warrior he was left at the school of the wolf in Kaer Morhen where he would later become a Witcher.

Unlike many others, he was able to tolerate the Trial of Grasses (a trail in which young pupils would ingest many strange potions and elixirs) where he underwent a series of changes or mutations that made him into a Witcher.

The Witcher was the ultimate outsider in the world of men. Born to slay the supernatural creatures that preyed upon people, but with no loyalties to call their own.

Geralt time and time again would find this position to be both advantageous during his journeys and at times a massive liability.

Today’s cosplay is by Maul Cosplay where he brings to life Geralt of Rivia, the White Wolf.

The first photo we see is Maul’s interpretation of Geralt in the world of The Witcher. With a casual white shirt, leather pants and gloves, Maul looks like he’s just finished taking out a werewolf and is ready for a pint.

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Next, we see Geralt tending to some pigs on a farm because even a Witcher should be able to take care of livestock here and there!

In the next post, we get a video by Maul as Geralt. Busting into a room Geralt looks like he’s ready to get to business.

Geralt has had only one true love, and that was Yennefer of Vengerberg.

He met Yennefer after he and Dandelion had an unfortunate run-in with an air genie. The genie was what helped merge their paths, but it was the last wish that sealed their fates; as the two would influence each other lives, even if the other didn’t know.

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One prime example was when Yennefer decided to secretly add bonuses to each of Geralt’s bounties so that he would have more to live off of.

In the this photo, we see the effects of years of fighting the supernatural has taken on Geralt’s body. Though scarred and battered, Geralt would always find a way to bounce back and protect the public that at best mistrusted him.

In the final photo, we get one last shot of Geralt and Yennefer together.

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Speaking of The Witcher, here is the final trailer for Netflix’s The Witcher. The shows stars Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia.

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Netflix’s adaptation of The Witcher will go live on December 20th. Will you be watching?

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