Mark Hamill, Ryan Reynolds, Tom King, and others offered 12-year-old Anthony well wishes as he recovers from brain surgery.

On Twitter, Ryan C put out a request asking if anyone in the superhero community could offer his nephew Anthony well wishes after he had emergency brain surgery.

He wrote, “Just wanted to share a request. Marvel and DC Comics, my 12 year old nephew is a huge fan. He just had emergency brain surgery on Thurs and I know he’d be ecstatic if a hero out there could send a get well. I just want to do something for him. #help.”

The tweet quickly went viral receiving over 20,000 likes. It also caught the attention of Ryan Reynolds, Mark Hamill, Tom King, and Mikel Janin.

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Ryan Reynolds responded to the request telling Ryan C he was “on it,” and asked what his nephew’s name was.

Ryan C informed him that his nephew’s name was Anthony. He added, “He will absolutely lose his mind! Thank you so much!!!”

Reynolds responded by telling Ryan C to check his DMs!

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Reynolds wasn’t the only hero to answer the call. Batman writer Tom King also shared some good wishes for Anthony. He reminded him that Batman was rooting for him and shared a special panel that showed the cape crusader’s resilience, something that he and Batman share.

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Tom King wasn’t the only member of Batman’s team who showed up. Artist Mikel Janin also sent Anthony a very special message. Not only did he wish Anthony well, but he drew a special photo for him of Batman wishing him well also:

Jedi Master Mark Hamill, who also voices the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series and plays Trickster in The CW’s Arrowverse also wished Ryan well. He wrote, “Hi there Ryan! I want you to know that I’m thinking of you during your recovery & know you will get well soon.”

He added, “Just remember: The Force will be with you… ALWAYS! All the best from your pal, Mark Hamill.”

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Though it looks that Anthony still has quite the journey ahead of him, he has some strong heroes in his corner rooting for him. Let’s keep Anthony in our prayers!

Special shout out to DanJ86. I want to thank Dan for giving us the tip on this story, it’s wonderful when our readers reach out to us. So Dan, thank you very much!

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