Before 2017’s Justice League and the unreleased Snyder Cut there was the team-up film Justice League Mortal that almost made it into production. Attached was Mad Max director George Miller and Armie Hammer as Batman – the first but not the last time he’d be connected to the Dark Knight.

Clearer looks at costumes designed for Hammer and the other cast of heroes showed up online thanks to filmmaker and scooper Ryan Unicomb. He posted to his Instagram a close-up of the cowl Hammer would’ve worn as well as concept art of the Batcave and Hammer suited up with the rest of the League.

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Take a look at an early version of the cowl made by Peter Jackson’s world-famous Weta Workshop. Still on the mold, it has a Batfleck vibe about it but has more pronounced Bat ears that are closer to the Neal Adams style, which is outstanding.

In the post, Unicomb wrote he wanted to inject something cool “into the community” in the middle of the worldwide lockdown and urged everyone to “Be good and safe.”

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Next up was the Batcave which is also reminiscent of Neal Adams’ work and Batman: The Animated Series.

It’s very gothic and moody, the conceptualization is high-contrast and detailed, showing catwalks leading to different sections of the cave. At one stands the wide and bright Batcomputer with Batman himself perched before it.

Unicomb’s use of wide eyes and a flame emoji in his caption says it all. Have a gander below.

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Unicomb then shared pictures of Hammer in costume beside other cast members as Superman (D.J. Cotrona), The Flash (Adam Brody), and Aquaman (Santiago Cabrera). A gallery, a clear image of Australian model Megan Gale’s Wonder Woman can be seen. In another image, she stands with Hugh Keays-Byrne as Martian Manhunter and Common as Green Lantern.

Unicomb addressed his reason for sharing the imagery. He is in the ongoing development of a documentary about the story behind Justice League Mortal. Five years in, he thanks fans for their patience and writes “there is pushback from the studio and most of the creatives involved.”

He further writes he is putting together a pitch and evaluating the need for crowdfunding, adding:

“I know how important this lost chapter is to us all; as [moviegoers], as comic readers, as pop culture fans. Rest assured we WANT to be able to show you EVERY costume properly. We WANT to show you the Batmobile. We WANT to show you the Fortress of Solitude. We WANT the artists who worked tirelessly for months to get their well deserved due. We’ll continue to do our best.”

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At Sundance in 2018, Armie Hammer described the inner workings of the Batsuit he wore in a panel moderated by Kevin Smith:

“They built a whole functioning [Batman] suit that had hydraulics and worked and had microphones all through the suit so I could hear everything happening around me. It was 100 percent functional because we had $300 million to do it.”

Hammer added it was like a carbon-fiber exoskeleton with springs, pistons, and gears. “It was really awesome,” he said.

Unicomb shared some concept art of Hammer’s Batsuit last September on Batman Day, describing its features in detail. Have a look below.

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Although Justice League Mortal impressed many involved with it and had the makings of an epic film, it was impeded by a writer’s strike and budgetary concerns. Warner Bros. pulled the plug but it wasn’t long before they attempted to introduce the League via Zack Snyder and the DC Extended Universe.

Mortal would’ve seen the team face off against Maxwell Lord (Jay Baruchel) who makes his DCEU debut in Wonder Woman 1984.

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