God of War Art Director Raf Grassetti continues to show off his unique designs, this time he’s been working through Batman’s rogue’s gallery, specifically the Batman: The Animated Series characters.

1. Two-Face

Grassetti began by showing off his design for Two-Face.

He wrote, “BTAS: Two-Face.”

He then added, “My rendition of “Batman: The Animated Series”.  I love the show and I hope one day we get a CG Batman movie (not LEGO Batman).

He then laid out his plan of sketching his favorite characters from the series, “I’m planning to sketch all my favorite characters, starting with Two-Face. I don’t see a lot of blue version two-face out there and it’s one of my favorite takes on the character! More soon!”

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2. Bane

He next showed off Bane.

Grassetti wrote, “BTAS: Bane. Second character from the Batman Animated Series. Bane has always been one of my favorite villains.”

He added, “Having a lot of fun with these. More tomorrow. I’ll open for voting later today again for the next character on my stories.”

3. Killer Croc

Grassetti followed Bane with Killer Croc.

He wrote, “3rd character rendition from Batman: The Animated Series. Loving this so far. I really hope we see more animated movies in the future after the success of spider verse.”

He then teased, “Maybe tomorrow it will be Penguin’s time. Keep voting and sharing, thank you for following this series and I hope this inspires you a bit during this quarantine times”

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4. Scarecrow

Penguin did not make the cut for #4, but Scarecrow did.

Grassetti wrote, “Hope you fans of the Batman the Animated Series are enjoying this. I’m having a lot of fun working on my rendition of the cast.”

He then teased Penguin again, “Penguin tomorrow?”

5. Harley Quinn

Penguin still wouldn’t make the cut. Harley Quinn would be his next design.

Grasetti wrote, “I’m starting to make the final composition of all the characters so Harley’s pose serve the bigger comp. I’ll share that soon. I don’t care about your voting anymore dropping penguin later today!”

6. Penguin

And he would keep his promise. Next up would be Penguin.

Grassetti writes, “The boy is here you haters!”

He then teased he had begun working on Joker, “I’m starting on my Joker rendition of the Batman the Animated Series for tomorrow’s post!”

He added, “This sketches are making me want to do Jim Lee’s Hush series someday. I’ll share the full poster comp I’m working for these characters tomorrow. There are only a few characters left to do.”

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7. Joker

Next up was Joker.

Grassetti wrote, “Swipe to see all the Batman villains so far! Having a lot of fun with these, Batman the animated series brings back a lot of good memories! Clayface next!”

8. Clayface

True to his word, Clayface was next.

He wrote, “Thanks for all the support on this series guys! I’m having too much fun and I’m glad some of you are enjoying as much as I am. I started working on man-bat yesterday, I’ll post that one next!”

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9. Man-Bat

Grassetti then shared Man-Bat. He promised that Phantasm would be revealed tomorrow!

10. Compilation Image

Grassetti would also share his compilation image.

Which one is your favorite? Who would you want Grassetti to design next?

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