Alan Tudyk Explains Why He Will Not Return for DC Universe’s Doom Patrol Season 2

Alan Tudyk, star of Firefly and Serenity, played the Big Bad, Mr. Nobody, of Doom Patrol Season 1 on DC Universe in 2019. Nobody drove the dysfunctional team crazy by kidnapping their leader and founder Niles Caulder and holding him captive in the arcane white-space dimension.

Viewers will remember Nobody also served as a narrator and underhanded puppeteer of events before he was foiled in a final battle on Danny The Street. While the door is always open to bringing him back no matter what happens (Doom Patrol is a wacky and unpredictable series), Tudyk let fans know he is too busy to be in Season 2.

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He tweeted:

“I am sadly not in Season 2. Mr. Nobody will remain trapped in the painting> I have been busy with a new show called Resident Alien for SyFy, that will probably be out this summer, June, but who the hell knows[?]”

Tudyk added that COVID-19 halted production on the Dark Horse comic-based Resident Alien as it has so many other shows and movies, a lot of them DC and Marvel programming.

Here is a synopsis for Resident Alien:

“A crash-landed alien named Harry who takes on the identity of a small-town Colorado doctor, slowly begins to wrestle with the moral dilemma of his secret mission on Earth.”

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Check out the official trailer.

Tudyk’s tweet is below.

The painting Tudyk refers to is a blank canvas Mr. Nobody and Beard Hunter wound up in after a nuclear device detonated on Danny The Street.

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Doom Patrol stars April Bowlby, Brendan Fraser, Diane Guerrero, Joivan Wade, Matt Bomer, and Timothy Dalton as “Chief” Niles Caulder. Abigail Shapiro is joining the cast to play Chief’s daughter Dorothy, teased in Season 1, and so is Karen Obilom as Roni Evers – a friend of Cyborg’s he meets in a support group.

The godlike Red Jack will also appear, played by TV actor Roger Floyd (MacGyver, Nashville) who has a bit part on NBC’s Constantine series to his credit. Red Jack is more than likely the villain and could be accompanied by the Brotherhood of DaDa.

Season 2 will be on DC Universe but has a second home too. It is coming to HBO Max after the streaming service’s launch in May.

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