We hear in a rare update on Warner Bros. Games Montreal’s new Batman title that it will be bigger than the last one, 2015’s Batman: Arkham Knight.

James Sigfield, a writer for The Geeks WorldWide, tweeted in a response to an Arkham series fan the game will give players a Gotham City bigger than ever before.

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It will be “a little bigger,” he writes, than even the Gotham planned for the scrapped sequel starring Damian Wayne. See his post for yourself:

It’s not hard to imagine WB Montreal will want to go bigger or go home with the new installment.

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It’s also how the series evolved over time. As We Got This Covered puts it, “Where Arkham City opened up the claustrophobic interior of the asylum to an entire neighborhood, Origins gave players access to an entire city, and Knight expanded city another four or five times over.”

The new game is untitled as of yet but there are indications it might be called “Capture the Knight” or something to that effect. WB Montreal has been using that phrase since last September when cryptic symbols associated with the League of Shadows and the Court of Owls were unleashed on social media.

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Sigfield reported earlier this year we can expect the game to be a “soft reboot” with “new continuity” – “a fresh start, away from the Arkhamverse” – that sticks to the “fighting and traversal systems” gamers are used to. The League and the Court will be among the villains and the playable roster of Bat-family members will be expanded.

An all-new “semi-cohesive” DC game universe could rise from this. A next-gen Superman game is rumored for Xbox and Rocksteady is reportedly developing an undisclosed DC title. Superman and the Suicide Squad each had a game in the pipeline years ago but they were canceled.

The Batman: Arkham reboot should be out in the fall. WB Montreal was set to be at E3 this year with Rocksteady, possibly unveiling their DC projects, but the event is postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Quarantine would give people plenty of time to play and conquer a new Batman title. Will you be one of them? Leave a comment.

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