Aquaman Star Amber Heard Could Face 3 Years in Prison For False Evidence

Aquaman star Amber Heard’s troubles seem to only be growing. The latest news indicates Heard can face up to three years in prison if she is found guilty of manipulating evidence against Johnny Depp during their divorce in order to get an upper hand against him in court.

This news comes as Depp and Heard are in the middle of a defamation lawsuit. Depp filed the lawsuit against Heard after she published an op-ed in The Washington Post claiming to be a “public figure representing domestic abuse” with the insinuation that Depp was the perpetrator.

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In fact, Heard claimed Depp abused her during the divorce proceedings and provided photos of the alleged abuse in order to obtain a Temporary Restraining Order.

Those photos are now coming under question and if they prove to be doctored, Heard could face this jail time. Depp’s lawyer Adam Waldman told The Blast:

“We are interested in James Franco and Elon Musk as fact witnesses because we have evidence they are men who saw Amber Heard’s face in the days and nights between when she claimed Mr. Depp smashed her in the face on May 21 and when she went to court with painted on ‘bruises’ to obtain a Temporary Restraining Order on May 27.”

Heard’s Stylist Testifies She Did Not Have Any Injuries

Not only does Waldman indicate the bruises were painted on, but last April, The Blast reported on the testimony of celebrity stylist Samantha McMillen, who helped style Heard for her appearance on The Late Show with James Corden on December 16, 2015, two days after she alleged Depp gave her a black eye.

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According to The Blast, McMillen told the court, “Throughout the day of December 16, 2015, I could see clearly that Amber Heard did not have any visible marks, bruises, cuts, or injuries to her face or any other part of her body.”

McMillen added, “Ms. Heard did not have any black eyes, and had been visibly uninjured throughout the day and at that moment.”

Heard’s friend iO Tillett Wright had previously detailed that Heard had a busted lip. She detailed the incident in an article for Refinery29:

“In December, she described an all-out assault and she woke up with her pillow covered in blood. I know this because I went to their house. I saw the pillow with my own eyes. I saw the busted lip and the clumps of hair on the floor. I got the phone call immediately after it happened, her screaming and crying, a stoic woman reduced to sobs.”

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McMillen also testified about working with Heard on May 24, 2016, “Three days after my encounter with Ms. Heard, on May 27, 2016, I saw in the media that Ms. Heard had gone to Court with prominent injuries visible on her face. I knew that she did not have those marks on her face May 24, 2016 when I was with her.”

Heard Could Face Up to 3 Years In Prison

If Heard did indeed doctor the photos she could be guilty of faking evidence.

According to the Wallin & Klarich Law Firm, the California Penal Code Section 141 PC lays out that “it is illegal to alter, modify, plant, place, conceal, manufacture or move any physical matter with the intention of causing someone to be charged with a crime or for the physical matter to be used as evidence in a trial, inquiry, or proceeding.”

Charges related to this include: Offering false evidence under California Penal Code 132 PC and Preparing false evidence under California Penal Cold Section 134 PC. Both are considered to be felony crimes that carry a maximum sentence of up to three years imprisonment.

Heard Admits To Physically Abusing Johnny Depp

A leaked tape of Amber Heard did see the actress admit to physically abusing Johnny Depp. On the tape she stated, “I can’t promise you that I’ll be perfect. I can’t promise you that I won’t get physical again. God I f****** sometimes get so mad I lose it.”

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She also admitted to throwing objects at Depp. She stated, “That’s different. That’s different. One does not negate the other. That’s irrelevant. That’s a complete non sequitur. Just because I’ve thrown pots and pans does not mean you cannot come and knock on my door.”

She also admitted to using vases, “Just because there are vases does not mean that you come and knock on the door.”

Heard Seen With Elon Musk in Johnny Depp’s Elevator

A more recent leaked video shows Heard and Elon Musk cuddled up in Johnny Depp’s private elevator. The Daily Mail notes the video they obtained does not have any timestamps on when the video was taken.

In Depp’s defamation suit, he accuses Heard of beginning an affair just one month into their marriage. The lawsuit reads, “Only one calendar month after Mr. Depp and Ms. Heard were married – while Mr. Depp was out of the country, filming in March 2015 – Eastern Columbia Building personnel testified that Ms. Heard received Musk ”late at night” at Mr. Depp’s penthouse.”

Depp’s lawyers have subpoenaed texts, emails, letters, and other communications between Musk and Heard.

The pair are still in litigation so its unknown if and when charges would be brought up.

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