Twitch streamer MizzyRose recently blasted the streaming platform after receiving a ban for an “insufficiently covered body” on April 11.

MizzyRose is a 22-year-old body painting streamer who has risen in popularity on the platform due to her elaborate content. She currently has over 141,000 followers.

She hails from British Columbia, Canada. Mizzy is also a veteran on Twitch, having been on the platform a number of years.

She recently took to Twitter to declare that Twitch had banned her account for a day.

Not only did she detail that Twitch banned her, but she posted before and after photos indicating she started her stream with part of her chest already painted.

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The precaution didn’t stop her account from being banned. Mizzy’s account received a one day suspension for “streaming or engaging in body-art content featuring a nude or insufficiently covered body.”

She took to Twitter soon after her suspension to vent.

She added that if she receives another suspension she could be removed from the platform because she had previously received a strike while streaming music.

MizzyRose did indicate that she was back to streaming.

Body painting falls into a contentious grey area, especially in the content creation world.

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The most common way to look at it is art, no different than painting on canvas and creating vivid images.

However, the other way body painting is often perceived is negative.

It is often looked at as nothing more than nudity to garner mass views, and should therefore be classified as adult content.

This is also a grey issue on Twitch’s terms of use. Body art is a listed as an exception to Twitch’s Nudity and Attire Policy.

The conundrum here, is that even with the exception, most body painters are often partially or completely nude with pasties covering their sensitive areas.

That often conflicts with the “insufficient covering” rule and therefore gets them banned.

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The replies to Mizzy’s tweet thread reflect this debate, as it seems people are split on the topic.

Another user provided a much different opinion.

OKCU Kaitlyn didn’t stop there, as she decided to run a poll on her own Twitter.

The results show a nearly 20% divide between viewers that see body painting as art, and those who see it as adult content.

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Despite the debate, one thing is for certain. Controversial content such as ASMR and body painting are not going away anytime soon.

As long as the views pour in, more creators will stream this content, and streaming platforms will continue to profit from it.

What are your thoughts, readers? Was Mizzy’s ban justified?

Is body painting art or adult content?

Share your thoughts below.