DC Comics Artist Clayton Henry Shows Off His New Batmobile Design

DC Comics Artist Clayton Henry recently shared his new Batmobile design that was expected to be released in Batman/Superman #9.

Henry explained, “I drew this rolling/drifting shot of the Batmobile from Batman/Superman #9 from DC Comics.”

He added, “Bruce Wayne is a car guy, so I’m sure it has height adjustable and active suspension. I’m not sure when this issue will be released.”

He also noted the colors were done by Alejandro Snachez Rodriguez.

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Rodriguez also shared the artwork on his Instagram stating, “The new Batmobile!! From Batman/Superman #9.”

As some astute commenters noted the new Batmobile design definitely has a Batman: The Animated Series vibe.

There are some obvious differences. Henry’s Batmobile design features a shield on the front of the vehicle rather than the grill from The Animated Series.

The front wheels are also exposed instead of being covered up by fenders. It also has a plow like aspect to the front.

The exhaust also appears to be on the side of the vehicle just in front of the rear quarter panel.

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The design is radically different from the Batmobile on-the-go seen in the current Batman ongoing series. The vehicle is created by Batman placing a Lucius Fox creation called The Echo on the top of a Portia XL.

The Echo transforms the vehicle into a Batmobile that looks like something out of Bladerunner or Altered Carbon. It looks like it is ready to just lift off the ground and fly over Gotham.

And before that in Batman #75 we had another very different Batmobile design. Although this one was being driven by Flashpoint Batman.

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Here’s a look from the side.

Not only were we going to get a new Batmobile design, but they recently revealed a new Batplane design in Batman #91.

Take a look.

What do you make of this new Batmobile design? What’s your favorite Batmobile design?

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