Cosplayer Leira recently shared her cosplay of of My Hero Academia’s #5 hero Mirko.

In early April, Leira shared a side by side of her in her Mirko cosplay next to a drawing of the character.

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She quoted Mirko saying, “For those of you planning evil deeds right now — prepare to be sent flying by me!”⁣

Leira would follow that up by sharing a video of her in her Mirko cosplay.

She wrote, “I’m on MHA high 🥰 I’ve been listening to “Might U” nonstop.”

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Leira added, “I planned to make a few more cosplays from the show and hopefully be able to wear them to at least one con this summer 🤞🏽Hopefully things will be brighter then 🙏🏽⁣”

She shared another photo of her in her Mirko cosplay again quoting the character, “I live every day of my life like there’s no tomorrow so that when my number’s up, I can check out with no regrets.”

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Leira then added, “I’m up late because my sleep schedule is all off, so I decided to upload another picture of my Miruko cosplay.”

Mirko also known as Rumi Usagiyama has quickly become a fan favorite of My Hero Academia fans since she first appeared in Chapter 184 of the manga and made her full anime debut in Episode 87.

As mentioned, she’s the #5 hero in all of Japan. Her quirk is called Rabbit and it allows her to do “whatever a rabbit can, but even better!”

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Her quirk grants her incredible strength in her legs allowing her to leap great distances and physically punish her foes. Her rabbit ears also grant her enhanced hearing.

She has a number of Super Moves including Luna Ring, Luna Fall, and Luna Tijeras.

Luna Ring sees Mirko spin her body rapidly in a circle and use her legs to attack any enemies in range.

Luna Fall sees her jump up behind her opponent and then land a crushing blow to the back of their skull.

Finally Luna Tijeras sees her mount her opponent with her legs wrapped around their head. She then positions her body so she is on their back. She then uses the incredible strength in her legs to decapitate her foe.

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Mirko is definitely a force to be reckoned with and it’s more than likely we will get to see her in action in Season 4 of the My Hero Academia anime.

What do you make of Leira’s Mirko cosplay?

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