If you were awaiting an update on the untitled but anticipated Batman game from developer Warner Bros. Games Montreal – what systems support it, its rating, the effect it will have on DC properties in games going forward – keep waiting.

It was thought WB Montreal would announce the game officially or unveil a banquet of eye-popping details, perhaps. The company did anything but: instead, sending out a tweet on their Twitter page which, while thanking players and fans for their anticipation, doesn’t explain anything.

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Without saying anything about the Arkham series follow-up teased last year, WB Montreal thanks everyone “for the enthusiasm for our next project,” and proclaims their “channel will showcase the studio: Who we are and why we love making games!”

Whatever that means. It sounds to most like, by telling us “stay tuned!”, there won’t be any reveal at all in the near future. You can read the tweet for what it’s worth:

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So, the news being there is no news, some reactions are taking it lightly but others are confused:

There are those who see transparency in the update and its promise; behind them, others are frustrated:

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Batman: Arkham Asylum - Rocksteady and Warner Bros.

Cue the “Do Not Want” Batman GIFs we were assured by WB Montreal’s tweet:

The vague non-announcement by the Canadian developer reminds of the dodgy answers spokespeople for DC Universe gave last year to allay worries over the service’s future.

We know AT&T has ”no sacred cows” in its portfolio according to executive Randall Stephenson. WB Montreal could be on the chopping block and acting like everything’s fine.

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Then again, a game “bigger than ever” has been teased and they might need more time to make it perfect. Rumored to be a reboot that could greatly expand the world of DC gaming, a lot is riding on this.

Recall a time when a Batman Forever game for Sega Genesis and SNES looked awesome based on advertising. Anyone that’s played it knows how deceptive that was.

WB Games’ tweet accompanies a recent rumor of a rejected pitch for a Superman adaptation by Batman: Arkham Asylum developer Rocksteady Studios, and reports of an abandoned Arkham sequel complete with concept art. A Suicide Squad game was canceled as well.

Whether called Capture the Knight or Batman: Arkham Legacy, the game – if still in development – has no official title and was believed to be out by September or, at least, the end of the year.

COVID-19 and subsequent lockdown everywhere may be having a say in that.

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