Batman: White Knight Creator Sean Gordon Murphy Accused of Supporting Comicsgate Because of Plot Holes IndieGoGo Campaign

Batman: White Knight artist and writer Sean Gordon Murphy is breaking records with his latest crowdfunding campaign for his comic Plot Holes. The campaign also got attention for being on IndieGoGo, a neutral site that welcomes all kinds of projects but considered by some to be too Comicsgate friendly.

“Writer for hire” Joe Glass sent out a tweet May 9th taking aim cryptically at Murphy. Glass wrote, “Ah, so big name comic creator is launching his indiegogo campaign to attract the CG masses this week, huh?”

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Sean Gordon Murphy

As YouTuber and comic writer Dannphan explains, Glass limits who can see his tweets but clearly places Murphy in the same camp as “CG.” Glass also uses the parodying code “c0mixhate” instead of Comicsgate.

Dannphan covers Joe Glass’s Twitter rant and its implications in the video below.

Joining Glass’s choruses are Magdalene “Mags” Vissagio (Vagrant Queen) and Black writer Kwanzer.

Kwanzer tweeted the following reply to Glass asserting Murphy “pushes plausible deniability.” He also calls Earthworm Jim’s Doug TenNapel a bigot and refers to IndieGoGo “comicstaint’s refuge.”

Visaggio replied, alluding to private conversations with Murphy concerning TenNapel and to when she was once friends with Murphy.

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This follows a Twitter storm by Oh My Gods writer Stephanie Cooke in March calling for Murphy to end a working relationship with Blake Northcott. Murphy is supplying a cover and helping plot a Catwoman comic with Northcott.

Murphy did pull out of drawing a variant cover for Doug TenNapel’s next Bigfoot Bill saga, Finger of Poseidon, over “anti-LGBTQ opinions.” The variant cover was finished but pulled. Here is what Murphy had to say about that:

“I recently did a cover for a creator. But it’s been brought to my attention that the creator has posted opinions that are anti LGBTQ. I’ve spoken with that creator, and the cover will now be pulled from the project.”

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Batman Curse of the White Knight (1)

TenNapel wrote the following response in a since-deleted tweet:

“Sean and I agreed that he should pull the cover. It’s more important than ever that pro-family comic lovers to support my work and rethink DC for attacking my business over my beliefs.”

In 2018, Murphy called for a cease-fire in comics and for creators to “unblock everyone in exchange for zero negativity for 30 days.” He urged everyone “to be on our best behavior. See how we like it.”

Murphy’s Plot Holes IndieGoGo has earned $131,014 from 1,497 backers at the time of writing.

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