Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. actor Patton Oswalt, increasingly known for his anti-Trump rhetoric rather than his acting or comedy, attempted to mock President Donald Trump’s recent declaration that the United States would declare Antifa a terrorist organization by comparing the group to U.S. armed forces storming a beach in France during World War II.

President Trump declared over the weekend on Twitter, “The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization.”

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Oswalt responded to this declaration by sharing a photo of U.S. troops storming a Normandy beach in France.

Accompanying the photo, Oswalt wrote, “I’m 100% with you Donald! Antifa has been horrible for so long. Here’s some anti-fascists ruining a perfectly good beach day in France!”

He then added, “Wish you could have been there to stop them!”

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He would also attempt to continue his mocking by sharing a tweet from Ben Schwatz that reads, “Wanted: Antifa leader Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower, for destruction of fascist property, capturing fascists, and killing fascists.”

It continues, “Ike is considered armed and dangerous and is linked to anti-fascists in England, France, and Russia. Do not try to apprehend alone, call the FBI.”

Oswalt would then respond to Trump’s declaration on Antifa again, writing, “Why would a white supremacist hiding in a bunker be so against anti-fascists?”

Oswalt wasn’t the only celebrity to try and make comparisons between World War II soldiers and modern day rioters and looters.

True Blood and Powers actress Michelle Forbes wrote, “My grandfather died in WWI fighting fascists. I’m his granddaughter. I am anti fascist. #IAmAntifa”

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DJ Lange wrote, “My grandfather fought against fascism in World War II #IAmAntifa.”

Others simply supported the group outright.

Deadpool 2 actor Rob Delaney declared Antifa as “cool & good.”

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Oswalt hasn’t only tried to mock President Trump and seemingly support an organization that is fomenting riots and looting across numerous cities throughout the United States, but he’s also claimed that he’s donating to an organization that is paying bail for individuals arrested during the riots.

The actor indicated he matched a $50 donation to the Minnesota Freedom Fund from fellow actor Seth Rogen.

The Minnesota Freedom Fund wants to end cash bail and have also indicated that they want Minnesota governor Tim Walz to “defund the police.”

What do you make of Oswalt’s comments?

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