X-Men Actor Evan Peters Issues Apology After Retweeting Video Of Los Angeles Police Chasing and Tackling An Alleged Looting Suspect

X-Men actor Evan Peters, who played Quicksilver in X-Men: First Class, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and X-Men: Apocalypse, issued an apology after he received social media backlash for retweeting a video showing Los Angeles police chasing and then tackling an alleged looting suspect.

Peter’s Quicksilver was part of one of the most memorable scenes from X-Men: First Class when he teams up with Professor X and Wolverine to break Magneto out of a prison underneath the Pentagon.

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Peters retweeted a video by Twitter user @rimhammer as reported by PopCrave.

The video, seen below, shows Los Angeles police chasing an alleged looting suspect and eventually tackling him into a parked car.

The video also features commentary from a man and a woman who are encouraging the police officers to capture the alleged looting suspect.

Following Peters retweeting the video he faced a social media backlash where he was accused of racism.

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After being accused of racism, Peters would then join the Black Out Tuesday movement and share a black square image to his Twitter.

The movement according to The Telegraph is “to fill Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with black squares, freeing up the time usually dedicated to social media for people to educate themselves on the Black Lives Matter movement.”

He then followed it up with an apology for the retweet.

Peters wrote, “I don’t condone the guy watching the news at all in the video which I have deleted. I unknowingly retweeted it.”

He added, “I’m deeply upset it got on my newsfeed. I sincerely apologize if anyone was offended.”

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Peters concluded, “I support black lives matter wholeheartedly.”

What do you make of Peters apology? Do you think he should have apologized?

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