Batman: The Animated series voice Kevin Conroy, who voiced Batman, recently condemned looting in the wake of violent riots across multiple United States cities.

Conroy first voiced Batman in the now legendary Batman: The Animated Series and went on to voice him in numerous animated films, TV shows, and video games including Arkham City, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, and Justice League Unlimited.

On May 31st, Conroy condemned looting in a tweet.

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He wrote, “Protest is a right, looting is not.”

He then questioned, “How does stealing a wide-screen tv avenge George Floyd’s death?”

“How does torching a store it took people a lifetime to build avenge George Floyd’s death,” he added.

Finally, he concluded, “Save our cities.”

Along with his comments, Conroy shared a video of people creating a human barricade in front of a Target store to prevent people from looting.

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Conroy would subsequently share another video of police officers in Flint, Michigan joining protestors in a march.

Conroy wrote, “This is how we come together.”

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Conroy recently did appear as Batman in live-action on The CW’s Crisis of Infinite Earths Batwoman crossover series.

He will also provide the voice of He-Man in the upcoming Netflix series from showrunner Kevin Smith Masters of the Universe: Revelation.

What do you make of Conroy’s comments?