Among the things in Batman v. Superman never explained, there was the bizarre reference to a fallen Robin in the Batcave. The costume was defaced by Joker, indicating the Clown Prince of Gotham murdered the plucky sidekick a la Death in the Family.

Most fans assumed Jason Todd was the Boy Wonder in question but Zack Snyder admitted he flipped the narrative. Back in 2018 he detailed that the Robin was actually “Richard” with the assumption being that was Dick Grayson.

More recently he confirmed that it was Dick Grayson on Vero.

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After confirming Dick was the Robin meant to meet his maker, Snyder responded to a fan’s query of if he had any “plans to dive deeper” into the death of Grayson.

Snyder answered “a hint in JL” as you can see below:

By JL, we can safely guess he means his cut which he swears by and is the only version he will recognize. It’s said to be four hours long, leaving lots of room for character development, but it could get broken up into a miniseries with tons of supplemental material.

The death of Robin will not only be hinted at, but so will the infamous Knightmare sequence that left moviegoers scratching their heads at the time. Snyder has since confirmed the scene was meant to augur Darkseid and the warlord’s mind control of Superman via the Anti-Life Equation.

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So it’s practically official Snyder intended to kill Dick Grayson and wishes to follow through with that – an iconoclastic move, to say the least. At worst, it borders on sacrilege.

But, remember Zack’s penchant for offing established supporting characters without giving it a second thought. Pa Kent died (yet again) in Man of Steel.

Then he turned Jimmy Olsen into a CIA agent and Superman’s Pal promptly ate a bullet. And let’s not discount his proposed deaths of Lois Lane and Batman in Justice League’s unrealized sequels.

Back to Robin, you may be wondering who, if anybody, would’ve replaced Dick. Turns out Snyder had plans for that too and his Robin was going to be a woman.

Carrie Kelley, borrowing from Frank Miller as Zack Snyder did so much, would’ve taken over for Dick Grayson somewhere down the line. How and when is uncertain but Snyder said in another Vero response that’s where he was headed. See the post below:

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VERO: Zack Snyder had planned on introducing Carrie Kelley’s Robin In the DCEU from DC_Cinematic

Kelley actually appeared in Batman v Superman during the aforementioned Knightmare scene.

During the “Knightmare” sequence a red haired young woman with distinctive goggles is seen helping Batman fight the parademons. The character shows up at around the :24 second mark.

Snyder had also previously confirmed Kelley would take over the mantle of Robin back in 2018.

Recall also Snyder thinks a live-action Dark Knight Returns adaptation – apart from what BVS has already done – is still possible. We may see once the Snyder Cut debuts on HBO Max.