Rumor: Alpha Flight To Make Cinematic Appearance in Wolverine vs. Hulk Movie Before Being Spun Off To Disney Plus

A new rumor details that Marvel Comics’ Alpha Flight team will appear in a Wolverine vs. Hulk movie before being spun off to Disney Plus.

This new rumor comes from Mikey Sutton in his Geekosity Facebook group.

Sutton begins by outlining the initial plot overview of the Wolverine vs Hulk flight and Alpha Flight’s involvement.

He writes, “In the snow, they have him surrounded: A savage creature with claws. After Weapon X is liberated from Department K by the X-Men, he participates in one of their missions but doesn’t join the team, as I reported in an earlier scoop.”

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“Logan is still a wanted man. He is considered government property and therefore the country’s own Avengers, named Alpha Flight, are sent to hunt him down,” he continues.

Sutton then lists off the members of Alpha Flight, “Vindicator. Northstar. Aurora. Puck. Sasquatch. Shaman. Snowbird.”

He then teases the involvement of Hulk, “But trying to net Wolverine is one thing, a major problem. Unfortunately, there is an incredible one. Alpha Flight are caught in the crossfire as the Hulk is in Canada as well, in full rage mode.”

Sutton then details that while Alpha Flight might be introduced in this Wolverine vs Hulk movie, Marvel Studios has other plans for them on Disney Plus.

He explains, “Marvel Studios doesn’t think Alpha Flight have the makings of a cinematic franchise; there are too many toys in the box to play with and only enough time. But they would like to see them in the Wolverine movie where he fights the Hulk, which I scooped here almost a year ago now. This isn’t about old news.”

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“Marvel Studios sees the potential of Alpha Flight for Disney+ after appearing in a Wolverine movie. The Canadian setting will be fresh and less expensive to shoot, not to mention that the cast is diverse from the beginning, even Marvel Comics’ first openly gay superhero Northstar,” he adds.

Sutton concludes, “They have the potential to have both the explosive action of the Avengers and the social conscience of the X-Men.”

As Sutton mentions in this new scoop, he previously detailed that Marvel Studios was looking at developing a Hulk vs Wolverine showdown into a feature film.

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Back in September, Sutton exclusively detailed to The Lords of the Longbox YouTube channel that “Marvel Studios is discussing a Wolverine Vs. Hulk film. Notice I placed Wolverine ahead. This won’t be a Hulk movie because Universal has the rights to Hulk solo, which is why “Thor: Ragnarok” wasn’t Planet Hulk.”

He added that this version would be the recent Immortal Hulk rendition, “According to my inside sources, they want to use the recent Immortal Hulk rendition of the character in the comic books.”

Rumor: Wolverine vs. Hulk Movie to Introduce Alpha Flight

Just a few short days after this Wolverine vs Hulk scoop, Sutton then detailed more information about the film explaining again to Lords of the Longbox that the film would introduce Alpha Flight.

Lords of the Longbox host Tim Vo explained, “The Immortal Hulk will not be alone when facing Weapon X in the Canadian wilderness. So the story is that through some mechanism they are going to send the Hulk into Canada to retrieve Wolverine. When he does show up in Canada to get Wolverine…he’s going to meet up with [Alpha Flight].”

Vo added, “Alpha Flight is rumored to be in this Hulk vs Wolverine movie. Alpha Flight is also searching for him so they don’t get the impression that the Hulk will get along with them.”

What do you make of this scoop? Would you be interested in seeing Alpha Flight get their own Disney Plus series?

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