Sakimi Chan Shares New Pinup Of Dragon Ball’s Android 18 In Denim Bunny Bikini

Digital artist Sakimi Chan recently shared her latest pinup featuring Dragon Ball’s Android 18 in a denim bunny bikini.

While Android 18 might be called an android, she is anything but. She’s actually a human named Lazuli, who was kidnapped alongside her twin brother Lapis by Dr. Gero and modified with advanced bio-organic components.

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Android 18 alongside her twin brother Android 17 made her first appearance during the Cell Saga in Dragon Ball Z. In one of her first fights, she shows off just how terrifyingly powerful she is as she takes on Super Saiyan Vegeta.

She is eventually absorbed by Cell, but he regurgitates her after Gohan attains Super Saiyan 2 and overpowers the android.

Towards the end of the Cell Saga, Krillin wishes to the dragon Shenron that her and Android 17’s self-destruct devices be removed.

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She would eventually marry Krillin and become part of the Z-fighters during the Majin Buu Saga. In fact, she would have a child with Krillin named Marron.

Android 18

Android 18 wouldn’t play a significant role until the Universe Survival Saga of Dragon Ball Super.

In the Universe Survival Saga, she faces off against Shosa and with the help of Krillin is able to defeat him. She would later fight Tupper, Cocotte, and Ribrianne. She then teams up with Android 17 to take on both Ribrianne and Rosie.

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Android 18 and Android 17 would then go on to assist Goku in fighting the warriors from Universe 2 and Universe 3. In the battle against Universe 3’s Anilaza, Android 18 sacrifices herself in favor for Android 17 allowing him to continue to fight, but eliminating herself from the competition.

Sakimi Chan shared her pinup to Twitter.

Here’s a better look.

Sakimi Chan also teased that there is a nude version of the pinup on her Patreon as well as a voice over tutorial explaining how she put her own unique twist on Android 18.

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Sakimi Chan’s bunny-version of Android 18 appears to be part of a kick of bunny-themed characters she has drawn. She recently shared a bikini pinup of Mai from Bunny Girl Senpai.

Here’s a better look.

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She also shared a pinup of My Hero Academia’s Mirko.

Here’s a good look.

What do you make of Sakimi Chan’s denim bikini version of Android 18? Which bunny-themed pinup is your favorite?

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