After Dynamite Comics cancelled “Cecil’s Big Cover,” a variant for Vengeance of Vampirella #1, it appears all Dynamite Entertainment IndieGoGo campaign have been placed under review.

Not only are they under review, they are no longer searchable on IndieGoGo.

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Dynamite Entertainment had a number of IndieGoGo campaigns still running including “Cecil’s Big Cover” despite them announcing that it was canceled.

Other campaigns included Billy Tucci and Maria Sanapo’s upcoming Miss Fury graphic novel. It was placed under review.

Mindy Wheeler’s Vampirella #1 variant cover was also placed under review.

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Frank Cho’s Red Sonja Limited Edition Cover was placed under review too.

Dynamite’s Boredom Busters was also placed under review.

That Star Wars Girl Presents Vampirella was also placed under review.

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Even That Star Wars Girl Presents A New Project was placed under review.

Interestingly enough, Cecil’s Big Cover shows a different review image. It reads, “This campaign is under review. It is not accepting contributions.”

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However, it still shows the featured image and also describes the campaign as “suspended.”

Not only are the campaigns under review and you are unable to contribute to them, but they are also unsearchable on IndieGoGo.

I attempted to search Miss Fury and Billy Tucci and Maria Sanapo’s graphic novel does not show up.

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Searching Vampirella only returns two Ethan Van Sciver Vampirella covers and Joseph M. Lisner’s Vampirella variant. Both of these campaigns were not promoted by Dynamite Entertainment.

In fact, when you access Dynamite Entertainment’s profile page for IndieGoGo it shows that they have 0 campaigns currently running.

Bounding Into Comics reached out to Mindy Wheeler to see if she knew why the campaign for her variant cover had been placed under review.

She told us, “Actually it seems all of Dynamite’s Indiegogo campaigns were placed under review. I’m not sure what’s going on right now, I believe they are trying to figure it out.”

What do you make of Dynamite Entertainment’s IndieGoGo campaigns being placed “under review?”

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