YouTuber Arch, formally Arch Warhammer, claimed a “very telling victory” in his campaign to save Warhammer.

Arch recently launched an email campaign to save Warhammer in response to Games Workshop’s Warhammer Community’s “Warhammer Is For Everyone” statement.

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Arch specifically took issue with the closing statement that contradicts the headline as it states, “And if you feel the same way, wherever and whoever you are, we’re glad you are part of the Warhammer community. If not, you will not be missed.”

Arch refers to the statement as “Warhammer is for Everyone But.”

The initial response to the email seemed to be a success as Arch reported that “within hours of launching the campaign, we managed to make the GW customer support page go belly up.”

He added, “Yes, indeed we crashed that little bastard. We made it go the way of the dodo. That is impressive.”

Now, Arch took to his YouTube channel to provide details on this new victory following Games Workshop’s release of their 2019-2020 Annual Report.

Arch begins his video saying, “Did we just win? It’s a very interesting question isn’t it? I think I will leave mostly up to you guys to decide whether or not we should read as much into this as I do. Because I think we just scored a very telling victory here.”

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He then elaborates, “And I’m referring to the 2019-2020 investor report specifically the press statement that was sent out just yesterday.”

After going over a few brief details about Games Workshop’s plans for the future in the 2019-2020 Annual Report, he gets to a section labeled “Diversity” in the report. It’s this section that Arch believes is the “very telling victory” in his campaign to save Warhammer.

Arch explains, “The really interesting part that I was building up to, is this little line right here, ‘Diversity.’ Now, at first when I saw that I was like, ‘oof ugh.’ Are we going to be seeing diversity initiatives? Are we going to see modern day racism, hiring based on skin color? Please, please, please, no. But it turned out to be exactly the opposite.

He continued, “It turned out to be a little bit, in my opinion at least, a little bit of a kick in the direction of a certain group of people that have grown very loud ever since the hamfisted “Warhammer is for Everyone But” statement.”

Arch also believes that this section is also a response to his email campaign. He explains, “And I would almost also reckon this is a little bit of a response to our email campaign as well, where we simply state, Keep politics out of it. All stop.'”

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Arch then reads the “Diversity” section.

It reads, “We continue to recruit for fit: the personal qualities you need to do a particular job as well as the necessary skills. We do not select based on any other criteria. I will do my best to ensure this is the case, and that we are fair and free from any bias and/or prejudice.”

Arch reacts saying, “I could not ask for more. It is essentially saying we hire based on merit and you having the skills required to fulfill a certain position. Anything beyond that be it diversity or inclusivity, seminars, or the usual inquisition, or diversity hire agent, all of that has no place at Games Workshop as long as the current CEO is there. And that is bloody music to my ears.”

“Because I think it is a signal essentially saying like, ‘Yea, okay, we don’t want any of this.’ Because why else would he even mention diversity if he didn’t know there is a significant push against enforced diversity. There is a significant amount of resistance to the idea of hiring based on skin color. And from that we can of course extrapolate that we might also be seeing more of an effect in the 41st millennium itself,” Arch continued.

He then elaborated, “This is obviously an investor report, a press statement. He is talking about the running of the business here rather than the direction of the creative universe overall. But seeing this is the stance of the CEO, we can quite probably assume that this also indicates that they will be moving more away from diversity for diversity’s sake.”

Arch then points to a number of other possible victories that have led to this moment. First, he points to the firing of Thomas Parrot. Arch states, “The firing of Tom Parrot too. For just calling random people on the internet Nazis because that’s where we are right now is also an indication of that.”

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Thomas Parrot had taken to Twitter earlier in July to announce that The Black Library, Games Workshop’s novel and audiobook division, had terminated their association with him.

In detailing why The Black Library terminated him, he admitted that he was calling a portion of the Warhammer community fascists.

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Arch would then move on to the second point. He points to the radio silence following their divisive Warhammer is for Everyone statement.

He states, “The complete and utter silence after the Warhammer is for Everyone fiasco is also probably an indication that they might have learned their lesson.”

“I think that maybe Games Workshop is realizing that the special interest organizations they were trying to court there; they aren’t happy with empty words. You can mouth their rhetoric as much as you want, but they don’t care about that. They want power. They want power over you. They want influence over you,” he added.

Later, Arch states, “Hopefully, this little statement right here is an indication that we have been heard.”

What do you make of Arch’s claim that this “Diversity” statement is a victory in his campaign to save Warhammer?

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