Artist James Stokoe recently revealed his finished Godzilla vs King Kong commission.

Godzilla and King Kong will duke it out in Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures’ upcoming Godzilla vs. King Kong film, but it won’t be the first time the two titans have clashed.

The titans clashed back in 1962 in King Kong vs Godzilla from Japanese director Ishirô Hondo and English director Thomas Montgomery.

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The film would see King Kong reach the Japan mainland and move to intercept Godzilla. The two would eventually clash in the mountains with King Kong firing the first attack, hurling a giant boulder at Godzilla the rolls past his feet.

Kong would continue to hurl boulders at Godzilla eventually striking him in the chest. Godzilla would return fire with his Atomic Breath attack lighting the surrounding area on fire and landing a blow on Kong’s chest. The attack would force Kong to retreat from this first encounter.

With Kong in retreat, Godzilla would continue on his path of destruction towards to Tokyo. Hoping to save the city the Japanese military would create a line of high-tension wires containing more than 1 million volts of electricity around the city.

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It might have worked to stop Godzilla, but Kong broke through the line and fed on the wires, powering himself up.

After putting Kong to sleep the Japanese would then transport him via helicopter to Godzilla’s location where the two would duke it out again. After being dropped from the helicopter, Kong would slide down the mountain taking Godzilla’s legs out from underneath and sending the giant lizard tumbling down the mountain side.

Kong would then try and attack Godzilla with his tail, but he would be repulsed. He then began launching large boulders at Godzilla. It would only enrage Godzilla as he responded with this Atomic Breath attack.

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The two would then go in for close quarters combat with Kong landing vicious blows to Godzilla’s head before sending him rolling down the mountain again. Godzilla would eventually knock the big monkey down whipping him with his tail.

The battle continued with Godzilla appearing to gain the upper hand savagely beating a knocked down Kong with his tail and then appearing to finish him off with an Atomic Breath attack.

However, Kong would survive and then launched himself at Godzilla attacking him with electricity through his fists and then shoving a tree into his mouth.

The battle ends with both Kong and Godzilla tumbling down a cliff into the ocean. Kong emerges with no sightings of Godzilla seen.

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While it appeared that Kong claimed victory in the 1962 movie, it’s unclear who will be victorious in the upcoming Godzilla vs. Kong film. Rumors indicate both titans will do some severe damage to each other, but won’t permanently put each other out of business.

Instead, they will more than likely team up against a new threat and even possibly do battle with Mechagodzilla as well.

As you can see below, Kong charges at Godzilla, barreling into him striking him with a hard right should like a running back on the football field. The force of the blow knocks Godzilla back into a giant skyscraper that comes tumbling down around the two titans.

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Godzilla attempts to counter with his Atomic Breath, but it appears Godzilla’s speed is a little too fast for him.

What do make of Stokoe’s Godzilla vs Kong commission? Who do you think will win in this battle between the two giant titans?