Theory Explains Where Kong’s Weapon Comes From in Godzilla vs. Kong

You probably know by now Kong has an ax to use against Godzilla in the upcoming film. It’s an overstated detail but the cudgel looks cool from what has been shown of it through the Playmates toys.

Still, the question remains: where does it come from? And how is it made?

YouTube’s DangerVille thinks they have the answer. Their latest theory posits how, when, why the ax is created and the undisclosed attributes that make it a formidable equalizer (light spoiler warning from here).

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Kong Had an Ax?

A previous theory hypothesized the tribe of Skull Island crafted it for him and he inherits it to become a true King. That’s not the case here. Instead, bested in battle, the Eighth Wonder realizes he needs an edge next time.

So he makes it himself, but how? Is Kong intelligent enough to understand forging arms? Yes, contends DangerVille.

He’s shown analytical skills and intuition before. Look no further than Kong: Skull Island, where he used chains and parts of a ship to help slay a Skullcrawler. In short, he can learn and improvise.

The big ape has decades from the time that film is set to grow older, wiser, and learn as much as he can from the natives who made spears for protection and fishing. He may copy their methods to secure the stone ax head to the handle with a wrap of leather or some other material.

But, hold on, is the blade really stone?

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What’s It Made of?

DangerVille, like many, doesn’t believe the ax blade is mere stone. Noting its often remarked upon resemblance to Godzilla’s sharp dorsal plates, they say it could be a piece of Godzilla broken off during round one on the aircraft carrier.

Kong, additionally, might figure out he can hurt his opponent with that as a melee defense during the fight, making it useful.

As for the handle, the shape suggests it is a bone from a large creature, perhaps a Titan and not just any. Kong could conceivably use the femur of a Skullcrawler or one of his parents whose skeletons were found in his solo MonsterVerse installment.

Kong bones on Skull Island

But the video pushes another option: the handle being from a leg bone of one of Godzilla’s species, specifically his ancestor Dagon. Femur bone belonging to Dagon with the dorsal plate fragment would, hypothetically, be sturdy enough to inflict punishment without wearing down or breaking.

Killed by parasitic MUTO larvae, Dagon’s bones were uncovered in the Philippines during the 2014 Godzilla movie. Kong could stumble upon them as he ventures to Hong Kong for the second round with the reigning King of Monsters.


Furthermore, Kong would have to sense and understand on some level Dagon and Godzilla are related, which speaks further volumes about his intelligence, and he might learn more yet about his weapon’s capabilities.

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What Can It Do?

DangerVille speculates something even we haven’t heard before; and it may account for the hearsay Kong feeds on electricity and receives some kind of jump.

The dorsal-plate shard may be able to deflect or absorb the energy of Godzilla’s atomic breath. The plates charge each time he delivers a blast and could maintain a shred of that property when broken off.

What’s more, the energy possibly juices the blade to the point it can lay a hurting and wound Godzilla where the battle damage is commonly depicted. Notice the ax head is as blue as Godzilla’s breath and back.

The video lingers on a marketing image of the 6″ Basic Kong and Godzilla GVK figures as proof the energy channeling is in the film. As you can see, it offers a strong clue about Kong’s unexpected edge.

Screenshot-DangerVille-Kong deflects blast-Godzilla

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Watch DangerVille’s video about the ax and the theory below:

As unpredictable as the history of Kong and Godzilla is, these details are very unique and the last thing diehard kaiju fans would see coming. We’ll have to see if any of it plays out in Godzilla vs. Kong the way it’s presented here.

Opine with your reaction to the theory below.

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