Artist Emerald–Weapon recently shared a pinup of Final Fantasy VII’s Yuffie.

Yuffie Kisaragi first debuted in the original Final Fantasy VII as an optional playable character who wields a large shuriken. She is able to join the player’s party after they encounter a Mystery Ninja in the forest who attacks them.

After defeating this Mystery Ninja, it is revealed this is in fact Yuffie who attempts to challenge the player’s team to a second round despite being soundly defeated in the other first. While her challenge is rejected, she does end up joining the team. This occurs after the events at the Mythril Mine.

Yuffie is a native of Wutai and aims to return her nation to glory after it was conquered by the Shinra Electric Power Company. In order to do so she hunts for Materia that has been banned in Wutai by the Shinra Electric Power Company.

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Her obsession with Materia eventually leads to her attempting to get Cloud to sign a contract before his final encounter with Sephiroth. The contract would grant her the party’s Materia after they defeated him.

In fact, even before this final encounter she steals the party’s Materia when they enter Wuhai. The party must then chase her down and eventually save her from Don Corneo before she retuns it to them.

She is a capable fighter defeating the bosses of Wutai’s Five Story Pagoda. Not only is she skilled in combat, but she’s also adept at disguises as she pretends be a news reporter in order to assist Cait Sith and Barret escape from Junon.

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The character guide for Final Fantasy Opera Omnia describes Yuffie as “a young ninja obsessed with money who is always in pursuit of more materia. While her behavior may be juvenile at times, it never diminishes her determination to restore her conquered homeland as she joins Cloud for the showdown against Sephiroth.”

As for her appearance, she is the shortest member of Cloud’s party. She typically has short black hair although sometimes it is dark brown.

Her eye color changes depending on the game. In her concept art they are typically purple, but in Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus they are brown.

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In her first appearance in Final Fantasy VII she wears a white and black headband. She also wears a green sleeveless turtleneck that exposes her midriff with a pair of tan shorts.

On her left arm she wears a large gauntlet that looks like it could be used to double as a shield. The gauntlet is actually strapped to her body across her shoulders and just above her midriff.

She also wears two orange finger-less gloves on both of her hands. Her right wrist is also shielded with some type of metallic armor.

On her right arm she wears a form of chain mail that covers her arm up to her shoulder. The same armor also covers her left leg to just above the knee.

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Finally, she wears a pair of thick white socks that cover up about a quarter of her legs along with a pair of orange sneakers.

It’s this original design of Yuffie that artist Emerald–Weapon used in their pinup of the character that they shared to their Deviant Art page.

This isn’t the only pinup that Emerald–Weapon has shared of Yuffie.

In a previous pinup Emerald–Weapon showed off Yuffie in her Dirge of Cerberus outfit.

Emerald–Weapon has also shared pinups of other Final Fantasy VII characters including Tifa, Aerith and Jessie.

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Here’s a look at their pinup of Jessie.

Emerald–Weapon also shared a number of pinups of Tifa.

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Here’s the second one.

The third one shows Tifa in a Honey Bee Inn outfit.

Emerald–Weapon also shared two variations of Aerith.

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Here’s the first one.

And here’s the second one where Aerith’s dress is replaced with lingerie.

If you are interested in getting a commission from Emerald–Weapon you can contact the artist at [email protected] or using Deviant Art notes.

A commission costs $150 for a half/fulllbody character on background and $50 for an additional character.

You can also follow Emerald–Weapon on Twitter and Instagram as well as Gumroad.

What do you make of Emerald–Weapon’s Yuffie pinup? Which of their Final Fantasy VII pinups are your favorite?

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