Artist Liang-Xing showed off their red hot Aerith bikini pinup showing the Final Fantasy VII character enjoying a day on the beach.

Aerith Gainsborough first appeared in Final Fantasy VII and more recently in Final Fantasy VII: Remake.

She’s a playable character and the last surviving member of the Cetra race. She is hunted by the Shinra Electric Power Company, who want to exploit her powerful magical abilities.

She eventually runs into Cloud Strife in Midgar and decided to join him in his fight against Shinra and his quest to hunt don Sephiroth.

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In her original Final Fantasy VII appearance, Aerith wears a long pink dress that buttons up the front. Over top of the dress she has a red bolero jacket. She also wears a pair of metal bracers on her wrists. She also sports a necklace with three bars hanging from the chain.

She also wears a pair of brown boots and has her hair styled in a long braid behind her back with two short braids draped on her chest. She wears a light pink bow in her hair.

Finally, she wields a staff in combat.

In Final Fantasy VII: Remake, she has a bit of a different design.

Instead of a button-up pink dress she wears a white dress with a button aestethic. She retains her red bolero jacket although it is little longer and comes down to her waist.

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Her hair remains styled the same as do her brown boots. Instead of her simple neckace, she now has a choker as well as a necklace that has tassels that hangs down to her chest.

Artist Liang-Xing would put Aerith in a red bikini to match the color of her jacket as she enjoys a sunny day on the beach.

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He shared his Aerith pinup to DeviantArt writing, “Hi guys! This is Aerith Swimsuit. Fan art for ff7, Hope you like it!”

This isn’t the first time Liang-Xing has shared a pinup of Aerith in a bikini.

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Back in August 2019, he shared another saying, “Hello, everyone. This is Aerith in swimsuit.hope you like it.”

Back in June 2020, Liang-Xing shared a pinup featuring Aerith, Jessie, and Tifa all sporting bikinis as they enjoyed hot summer day in the pool.

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He would also share a pinup of Cloud in his Wall Market outfit sandwiched between Tifa and Aerith.

Liang-Xing would also share other Aerith pinups. In July 2019, he shared a pinup of Aerith kneeling among a number of white flowers.

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He would also share two others with Aerith wearing her traditional dress as seen in Final Fantasy VII: Remake and in a dress similar to her Wall Market dress.

Here she is in her basic Final Fantasy VII: Remake outfit leaning on a chair.

And here she is in the dark red Wall Market inspired dress.

If you want to support Liang-Xing, he has a Patreon where backers can get access to a step-by-step process JPG as well as other perks.

Which Aerith pinup is your favorite?