NECA is giving its customers a fresh look at their new kaiju offering, the forthcoming King Kong figure.

It’s the final set of images of the packaging and the 7″ 8th Wonder of the World on display inside before the collectible goes on sale.

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We give you Kong right here below.

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And here is what the King of Skull Island looks like on display in the box (it comes with a window), should you wish not to open it and take him out.

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Finally, a collage of all the angles.

NECA Official Kong Package

This is NECA’s first shot at a King Kong figure. It’s not based on any specific Kong design but takes inspiration from the 1933 film by Carl Denham and the models of Willis O’Brien.

The logistics are deliberate on NECA’s part given the reality of the market right now. They confessed as much on Twitter.

“We are dabbling in original interpretations as you have seen with King Kong and Nosferatu,” said one post.

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The product overview on their website calls it “an original take on the classic gorilla.” By making the right variations, NECA should avoid legal action from Playmates.

The latter holds the rights to make Kong and Godzilla figures inspired by Legendary Pictures’ Godzilla vs Kong.

NECA lost the license to produce Godzilla collectibles this month. Biollante Bile Godzilla and Hyper Maser Tokyo SOS Gojira are their last two selections.

The King Kong figure goes on sale in September but is available for pre-order online and on sale now in select markets. Accessories include swappable heads and hands.

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The release almost coincided with that of Godzilla vs. Kong – set for November until recently.

In the film, Kong will have a weapon for battle, an ax featured with the 6″ Playmates figure. How he gets it is a mystery but it may be made from a piece of Godzilla’s dorsal plate and a kaiju bone.

Screenshot-DangerVille-Kong deflects blast-Godzilla

His new ax could give Kong enough of an edge to wound the King of the Monsters – similar to battle damage on Godzilla’s figure – even if the big ape doesn’t win.

Rumors say the two Titans slug it out in brutal fashion for five minutes at the movie’s climax and there is a firm winner though it’s close.

Also hinted is Kong would win if he outlasted his rival with his stamina.

Find out when Godzilla vs. Kong hits the big screen in May.