Tom Welling Denies He Will Be Superman in The Flash

Tom Welling No to Flash Rumors

Former Clark Kent of Smallville Tom Welling is shooting down the rumor he is reprising his part and donning the cape in The Flash.

The actor addressed and denied the speculation in a recent phone interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet. Welling flatly responded “No,” to the reports and Reddit scoop by DanielRPK.

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Tom Welling

He added this kind of stuff gets ginned up to keep people talking. “There’s a lot of that that goes on,” he said. “In that world, there’s a lot of rumors because it keeps everybody talking about shows.”

Welling did return for one last go as his version of Clark during CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths event. Many, including the Cheat Sheet, call that surprise a coup.

Smallville was already behind Welling for nine years at that point and he hints Crisis is where he is going to leave it for good.

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Tom Welling Superman

“No, I recurred as a Clark Kent character in a crossover thing last year,” he said. “Since then, I think they’re sick of me.”

“They” are probably the producers and the network, if not the fandom, which is unlikely. Fans, seeing a Clark who gave up his powers when his world is about to end, were left disillusioned by Welling’s cameo in Crisis.

The latter group may want his portrayal of Superman to gain some redemption. Yet Welling is clear he wouldn’t be interested – “Not at the moment” – if Warner Bros. or Flash director Andy Muschietti gave him a call.

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Tom Welling and Brendan Fraser are Professionals

He elaborates his focus is on his new show, Professionals, an American remake of a popular British TV series co-starring Brendan Fraser.

“I’d love to get Professionals off the ground for season 2, to be honest,” Welling stated. “I think that would be fun.”

Welling plays Vincent Corbo, head of a security firm hired to investigate a sabotaged space launch. An independent production, Professionals’ ten-episode season is being shopped around.

The Flash is slated for a June 2022 release to theaters. It’s prepping for all sorts of multiversal craziness not limited to a whole lot of Batmen and Nicolas Cage’s unfilmed turn as the Man of Steel.

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