Kara Zor-El will get to live on past Supergirl’s cancellation after its sixth and final season, all of which was recently announced.

That’s the latest scoop from Mikey Sutton’s Geekosity magazine. His sources claim Melissa Benoist shall continue to play Kara in guest appearances in other DC CW shows.

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“I am told Supergirl will then make guest appearances on the remaining Arrowverse series such as Superman & Lois, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow,” Sutton wrote.

In news that might be a relief to the show’s fans, he adds, “Supergirl will not die in her sixth and final season on the CW.” So these cameos aren’t just going to be flashbacks.

Since Oliver Queen already made that sacrifice and they adapted Crisis on Infinite Earths, the storyline in which Supergirl and Barry Allen ultimately met their ends, it kind of defeats the purpose “with the Girl of Steel triumphant” and all.

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Tyler Hoechlin and Melissa Benoist in "Supergirl" - CW

Additionally, Sutton claims they don’t plan to kill her off so the question of how they will write Kara out for the time being, while giving her a big sendoff, remains.

We may be entering spoiler territory here, for anyone that cares. The writers of Supergirl sound as if they are going to take a page out of The Dark Knight Rises and Avengers: Endgame.

According to Sutton’s sources, Supergirl travels to the far-flung future at the end of her final season to be with Mon-El. The Daxamite and Legion of Superheroes member is a former flame of Kara’s and he is played by Melissa Benoist’s real husband Chris Wood.

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Wood and Benoist met working on the show and got married soon after she went public with stories of abuse at the hands of her first husband.

The scoop says they will get married in the show too to end things on a high note. Supergirl is known for its uplifting tone and The CW would like to keep it that way.

So, yes, Kara gets to fly off into the sunset, have her dream wedding, and wait in the wings for a return in some form, according to this scoop.

Supergirl #19

Supergirl’s ratings have been in a steep decline for a while. CW finally decided enough was enough although the cancellation may have more to do with Benoist’s desire to move on.

Are you happy with the idea of Supergirl signing off on a high note but the door being left open for future appearances? Sound off down below.