New Swamp Thing Motion Posters Hint That Alec Holland Could Have A Future In The Arrowverse!

Swamp Thing - Pilot

Swamp Thing may have been canceled over a year ago in relative obscurity on DC Universe before it really got going; but its brief, truncated season is finding new life on The CW network’s lineup amid the disturbance of COVID.

And they are proudly welcoming it to their DC Multiverse of shows with a series of motion posters featuring stars of the various Arrowverse programs.

Swamp Thing

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Boasting the taglines “There’s something in the water…” and “Beware of the Bayou,” the posters of Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Black Lightning, and The Flash are overtaken by vines, a green tint, and a flowing water effect.

They also advertise Swamp Thing and its time slot.

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A motion poster was also made featuring Brec Bassinger as Stargirl, Swamp Thing’s fellow DC Universe Original that now makes its home on The CW.

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Stargirl was meant to be a DC Universe exclusive but then it was announced shortly before its premiere it was going to be shared with The CW. Next season, it will return solely to the network and its associated streaming app.

Swamp Thing’s own Twitter account (@DCSwampThing), which has been far from dormant since the cancellation, tweeted back to each CW show’s account a series of emojis – an alligator and a sprouting plant, each followed by a red question mark.

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The motion posters indicate Swamp Thing will get integrated into the Arrowverse – if there is a season 2 – but in actuality it already is; the show’s Earth survived Crisis on Infinite Earths, making a move to CW easier.

The acquisition of Swampy for re-broadcast sparks hope there will be a second season, which current CW president Mark Pedowitz isn’t ruling out.

Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing was canceled after one episode for a variety of complicated and well-documented reasons. Continuation on The CW isn’t guaranteed and might hit a snag with JJ Abrams and HBO Max.

Abrams is developing Justice League Dark for the streamer and the world of those characters has been deemed his exclusive playpen. The Green’s Avatar, a cardinal member of the team, could be on reserve for the series or a spinoff.

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Swamp Thing

His status with The CW makes that look unlikely but the show, remember, was building toward assembling its own JLD with Alec Holland, Blue Devil, and Phantom Stranger.

Why would Abrams allow for two separate iterations of the supernatural group when his deal stipulates he gets first dibs?

Either Swamp Thing is only getting a broadcast run for its sole season until the pandemic cools down, or he’s not part of the Justice League Dark package at all

In any case, Swamp Thing premieres tonight on The CW.

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