Rumor: Swamp Thing Could Get That Second Season On The CW

You knew this could happen. Swamp Thing might be renewed for a second season now that it’s on The CW. As Mikey Sutton first shared on YouTube’s JLS Comics, solid ratings would justify a return and the ratings are really good.

Swamp thing

Sutton says in an update CW, in concert with Warner Bros., “are seriously considering planting the show permanently in its new spot” – presumably Tuesday nights.

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TVLine reported Swamp Thing “gave the network’s 8 o’clock hour its largest audience since May 19” when Stargirl premiered, adding “and the 90-minute period [got] its best audience since Feb. 4.”

That was for the “series premiere” though and the following weeks will determine the network and WB’s ultimate judgment “but the outlook for Swamp Thing has never been better.”

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Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing was canceled right after it premiered on DC Universe and had its episode count slashed. Viewer and critical praise couldn’t save it. No official reason was given, but budget cuts seem like the logical explanation.

Derek Mears showing up in full makeup in a tease during Crisis on Infinite Earths “raised eyebrows,” according to Sutton, as did the recent motion posters tying Swampy in with the rest of the Arrow Multiverse.

“The Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover a few months ago on the CW fueled rumors of the series possibly finding a home there, and the whispers have gotten louder,” Sutton writes, adding something is happening behind the scenes.

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And it only gets better. The CW might be considering giving Matt Ryan another shot at his own series as John Constantine. Both properties could be pooled into one show, inspired by their comic roots.

The show in either form potentially won’t have the same creative team as under James Wan, falling instead under the supervision of Greg Berlanti. If they go with the buddy-cop dynamic of Alec and Constantine, the latter is the bankable outcome.

Sutton stresses, though, “no decisions have been made” yet.

Do you want the second season of Swamp Thing? You probably do but tell us for sure down below.

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