Artist Armaron recently shared a smoking pinup of Cowboy Bebop’s femme fatale Faye Valentine, who will appear in Netflix’s upcoming live-action adaptation of the series portrayed by Daniella Pineda.

For those unfamiliar with Valentine, she’s a former fugitive, who switches sides and joins the bounty hunters.

The character is first introduced in the third session or episode of the anime. When she is first introduced, she lights up a cigar, pulls out what looks like an Uzi and wastes three men who have pulled their own firearms on her. However, she would eventually be cornered and captured.

It’s in that episode where Faye’s iconic look and outfit is seen. She has short dark purple hair and dark green eyes. 

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She wears a yellow sleeveless crop top with a red jacket that hangs around her arms. Her crop top is connected to a pair of yellow booty shorts by a pair of suspenders.

She also wears thigh high stockings and a pair of white boots.

After Valentine is captured and taken to a criminal boss, it’s revealed she has accrued quite a bit of debt. The boss overs her a deal to work with him or hand her over to the Galactic Police. Valentine chooses to work with him as we next see her working as a blackjack dealer in the casino, where she encounters Spike.

As the episode progresses, it’s implied that Spike is Valentine’s mark, and that she can clear her debt if he loses all his money at her table and rewards her with his last chip. She is to deliver that last chip to the crime lord.

However, Spike doesn’t give her the chip and instead keeps it. It’s then revealed that Spike wasn’t the actual mark, but was the mask was another casino goer. However, Spike gets the chip after he runs into the other man.

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From there, Valentine makes her own escape from the casino, while Spike hitches a ride on her getaway and eventually detains her.

Spike eventually discovers that the woman he’s captured is Faye Valentine and she has a 6 million woolong bounty on her head.

She is eventually able to break free from her detainment and interrupts a trade gone wrong between Gordon, the criminal boss, and Spike. Valentine steals Gordon’s woolong and then is able to destroy his ship by deflecting one his dozens of missiles that he fired at her back at him.

And that’s just the first adventure we see of Faye Valentine in Cowboy Bebop.

Eventually, one of the more interesting parts of Valentine’s story that we discover is that she was cryogenically frozen after suffering severe injuries during an accident on her and her parents’ private spacecraft. She’s not awakened until over 50 years later.

After being awakened she suffers from amnesia and is unable to remember her life before being awakened. As the show progresses, it follows Faye’s journey as she attempts to discover her life before being cryogenically frozen.

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Artist Armaron recently shared a pinup of Faye Valentine to his Twitter back in September.

He wrote, “The one I did for the drawn and quartered fan edition as a draw along last week.”

You can see the lineart below.

And here’s the full colored version.

This isn’t the first time that Armaron has shared a pinup of Faye Valentine.

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Back in April he shared a pinup he created last year.

Here’s a better look.

In June he also shared another Faye Valentine pinup from a previous session of Drawn and Quartered.

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Here’s a better look.

You can follow Armaron on Twitter as well as on Deviant Art. If you are interested in a commission Armaron says, “Send me a note and I’ll see what I can… (and can’t) …do!”

He also has a Patreon account with multiple tier levels for you to back.

What do you make of Armaron’s Faye Valentine pinups? Which one is your favorite? Are you looking forward to seeing Faye Valentine in Netflix’s live-action Cowboy Bebop series?