Humanity has finally taken its first step towards Newtype evolution, as a new Mobile Suit Gundam figure allows a Zaku mobile suit to be controlled with nothing more than a human’s brainwaves.

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Developed by Bandai in cooperation with Tohoku University and Hitachi High-Tech’s joint business venture NeU, the Zaku figure is controlled through the use of NeU’s XB-01 headset, which actively monitors and measures a user’s brain activity, including their “brain’s rate of blood flow change” and “the head’s movement and body movement noise.”

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The device works in tandem with Bandai’s ZEONIC TECHNICS Robotics and Programming Course I, a smart phone app primarily used to provide fans with “education on robotics and programming” by directing users in the construction of a particularly advanced Zaku, to translate a user’s brain activity and allow them to input up to three pre-programmed commands depending on the amount of “cerebral blood flow” registered by the device.

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Unfortunately for fans excited to reach the next step in human existence, it is currently undecided whether the mind-controlled Zaku unit will be made commercially available for public purchase.

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