Rumor: Netflix’s Sandman Series to Feature Constantine, Other Characters Related to Justice League

Constantine and Sandman

The Sandman series from Netflix won’t be as standalone in the DC Multiverse as it may once have seemed.

A new scoop from Mikey Sutton at Geekosity alleges characters associated with the Justice League in the past could guest star.


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Sadly, or perhaps not, it won’t be the heavy hitters – Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, or any of the A-list.

Sutton hears John Constantine will be returning to the Vertigo universe for the small screen and “an R-rated property” at that, which many have hoped for.


“Inside sources” leaked to Sutton an appearance by Constantine is planned for the Netflix show. However, it will be a complete reboot of the character.

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The Limey sorcerer won’t be played by Matt Ryan as he has been for most of the past decade on NBC, CW, and DC Animated features.

Ryan’s portrayal on the NBC Constantine series barely lasted a season but it catapulted him into cult stardom and the hearts of fans. He might be linked forever to the wizard.


But he’s not the only actor with a history as the troubled occultist he got a kick out of. Keanu Reeves played him in 2005 for Francis Lawrence’s one-off cult classic.

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Reeves has stated, including at this year’s Comic-Con @ Home, he wants to portray the character again. But, before speculation gets out of hand, Sutton cut it off at the pass.

“Keanu Reeves will not wear the trenchcoat again for The Sandman,” Sutton wrote, no doubt bumming some fans out.

Keanu Constantine

Sutton did not say who the favorites are to play Constantine or if casting will skew younger or older.

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Joining the party, with another connection to the JLA, is Silver-Age villain Doctor Destiny.

Though he’s had run-ins with Dream in the Neil Gaiman comic, Destiny started out as one of the League’s early foes – debuting in Justice League of America Vol. 1 #5 in 1961.

Doctor Destiny

Possessing the power to warp reality like a dream, he was not supernatural but rather a mad scientist aided by his invention, the Materioptikan.

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Doctor Destiny’s most well-known incarnation is John Dee who was adapted for CW’s Elseworld’s crossover.

Finally, Sutton shared he hears “whispers of Zatanna and Wesley Dodds, the Golden Age Sandman” guest-starring, but cautions there isn’t any confirmation yet.

On a related note, Sutton again mentions the possibility Constantine gets rebooted on HBO Max. Keanu and Matt Ryan might not have much luck there either.

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