Nico Robin, the resident scholar of One Piece’s Straw Hat Pirates, is dressed and ready to get wet aboard the Thousand Sunny in a swimsuit pinup from French artist Aechanart.

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The resident archaeologist of the Straw Hat crew, Nico Robin’s first appearance in One Piece came in Chapter 114 of the manga and Episode 67 of the anime, as the vice-president of the nefarious Baroque Works organization, code named “Miss All Sunday,” under the leadership of the former-Shichibukai Crocodile.

Chapter 114: Route

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Robin would play a pivotal role in the group’s attempted overthrow of the Alabasta Kingdom, helping to organize an all-hands-on-deck meeting between the officers of Baroque Works prior to the coup and leading capture operations against their opponents, though she made it a point to find alternatives to victory that did not involve the outright killing of those who stood against them.

Chapter 160: 8 O’Clock At Spiders Cafe

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Following the discovery of the kingdom’s Poneglyph hidden within the Grave of the Kings, Crocodile, unsatisfied with the information that it contained and believing that Robin had now outlived her usefulness, struck down his second-in-command at the exact same moment she moved to do the same to him and left her for dead.

Chapter 203: Crocish

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In the aftermath of Luffy’s defeat of Crocodile, the Straw Hat captain makes sure to rescue Nico Robin from the collapsing tomb around them, an act which would eventually inspire Robin to voluntarily join the crew, despite the initial reservations of her new teammates.

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During the Water 7 and Enies Lobbies arcs, it is revealed that Nico Robin has been scapegoated by the Marines for the Tragedy of Ohara, an incident in which the Marines unleash a Buster Call upon Robin’s home island of Ohara in order to prevent the island’s residents from discovering the true history of the world.

The only survivor of the attack, Robin would eventually be given the moniker of “Devil Child,” and spend the next twenty years of her life on the run from the Marines and fighting to survive in a world that she believed did not want her.

Chapter 395: Ohara vs. The World Government

Chapter 397: To Reach The Future

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Eventually, Robin would turn herself over to the Marines for execution in an attempt to protect the Straw Hats from any further attention or trouble from the World Government, eventually revealing that she was only doing so out of fear that the crew would inevitably abandon her like everyone else had.

However, Luffy refused to believe that Robin truly felt this way, and after the Straw Hats declared war on the World Government in order to prove that they considered her one of their own, she screamed from the top of her lungs that her true wish was to ‘live,’ prompting a battle between the pirate crew and the marines.

Chapter 398: Declaration of War

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When the Straw Hats were separated by the Devil Fruit power of the late-Bartholomew Kuma on Sabaody Archipelago, Robin was transported to and enslaved by the country of Tequila Wolf, until she was eventually rescued by Luffy’s father and brother, Monkey D. Dragon and Sabo.

After her rescues, she remained with the Revolution Army and was eventually inducted as a full member, even earning a new nickname, “Light of the Revolution.”

Chapter 524: Nobody Can Stop This Anymore

Chapter 593: News

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Since the Straw Hats reunited after the time skip, Robin has accompanied various teams on their missions on Fishman Island, Punk Hazard, and Dressrosa, even helping Luffy infiltrate the closed nation of Wano in order to defeat Kaido and restore the young prince Momonosuke to the throne.

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When she was a child, Robin ate the Hana Hana No Mi, or Flower-Flower Fruit, which bestowed her with the ability to duplicate or sprout body parts from the surface of any object, living or otherwise.

Aside from using her ability for standard attacks such as smashing enemies with giant arms during her Dos Fleur technique or breaking their backs through her use of Clutch, Robin also uses her replicated body parts in less-traditional ways, including using them to create a pair of flight-capable wings or spinning a ‘net’ capable of catching an adult human.

Chapter 453: Cloudy With A Chance of Bones

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Inspired by her post-time skip appearance, Aechanart’s pinup features Nico Robin being splashed with water as she spends a particularly choppy day soaking up rays on the deck of the Thousand Sunny.

A full version of the pinup can be seen below:

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Robin is not the only female pirate to receive the pinup treatment, as Aechanart’s most recent piece features the Pirate Empress herself, Boa Hancock.

More examples of Aechanart’s titillating art work can be found on her Twitter, Instragram, and DeviantArt pages.

Unfortunately for fans who wish to directly support Aechanart, though she also has a registered Patreon account, it does not currently appear to be active.

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