Rumor: Ava DuVernay’s New Gods May Cast Kathy Bates as Granny Goodness

Casting information regarding Ava DuVernay’s New Gods film has been scarce, with not so much as a leaked shortlist making its way to the tinernet, but a new discovery could potentially reveal the current front runner to play the Fourth World’s Granny Goodness.


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Twitter account DC Brasil uncovered a little evidence that may indicate Oscar-winning actress Kathy Bates, who received the award for her performance in the Stephen King adaptation ‘Misery’, is in line for the role of the Female Furies’ brutal commander.

The fan account recently did some digging into the film’s official Twitter account, @newgodswb, and found that Bates was among the mere seven accounts it followed, including those of DuVernay and film co-writer Tom King.

When translated, DC Brasil’s post states that “In addition to Ava DuVernay and Tom King, the alleged New Gods account also follows actress Kathy Bates.”

“Could she be Grandma Goodness?” asked the account.

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It seems that The New Gods Twitter page might be reserved for when the movie enters production, obviously to be used to generate hype and establish the film’s social media presence, as it was launched in June 2019 around the time King was announced to have signed on as the film’s writer.

Tom King New Gods

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Currently, the account doesn’t look to be following anybody, so either Warner Bros. has changed its mind about Bates or the Internet is again being misled by red herrings and wishful thinking.

On the other hand, as Inverse points out, DuVernay has been paying attention to fantasy casts put together by fans, including those which put forth Bates as the Apokoliptan lieutenant.

Last year, in response to a fan-casting that suggested Bates, Imelda Staunton, Helen Mirren, and Glenn Close for the role of Granny Goodness, DuVernay retweeted the casting and described the actresses as “an embarassment of riches” and “phenoms”.

It’s not hard to see why Bates regularly pops up in discussions regarding this particular character’s casting, as between her award-winning portrayal of the obsessed and demented reader of romance novel reading Annie Wilkes in Misery and her portrayal of a real-life serial killer Delphine LaLaurie on the relevantly-named American Horror Story: Apocalypse, Bates has proven she can channel the intensity and ruthlessness required for Granny.

Granny Goodness by Kirby

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One of the most trusted and closest doers of Darkseid’s will, Granny Goodness first showed up on the scene in the pages of Mister Miracle. Her biggest function is the training of cadets for Apokolips’ armies through means of torture and brainwashing. Following his years of brutal training underneath her tutelage, Miracle eventually becomes the first child to escape from Granny Goodness’ orphanage.

Her other duty is the training and oversight of the Female Furies, an elite team of female Apokoliptan warriors once led by Big Barda, who eventually defected after falling in love with none other than Mister Miracle himself.

Die for Granny Goodness

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Granny has appeared in other media, mostly animated series such as Young Justice and Superman where she was voiced by Ed Asner and was successful toward the end of the show’s run in turning Superman against humanity with her methods.

Outside of the comics, Granny has also appeared in various television series’, including Young Justice, Smallville, and Superman the Animated Series, the last of which saw her voiced by Ed Asner and was temporarily successful in converting Superman into a member of Darkseid’s army.

Goodness briefly popped up in DC Universe Original Harley Quinn this year, wherein Harley made quick work of Granny and earned the right to command an army of Parademons against Gotham City.

As of writing, there is currently no production start nor slated release date for New Gods.

What do you make of this rumor? Would you like to see Bates at the side of Darkseid? Let us know your thoughts on social media or in the comments down below!

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