The Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic critic scores for Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot’s upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 film have been revealed.

Rotten Tomatoes

The Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer score currently sits at 94% from 16 reviews. 

It has 15 fresh ratings and one rotten rating with an average rating of 7.5 out of 10.

A Top Critics score has not been released yet.

Here’s what the critics are saying.

Robbie Collin at the UK’s Daily Telegraph gives the film a fresh 3 out of 5 rating. He writes, “Director Patty Jenkins has followed that original film… with something much longer, cornier and wobblier, but which is energised with a streak of pure movie-star enchantment that recalls the sparkly-eyed uplift of the Christopher Reeve Superman films.”

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Richard Lawson at Vanity Fair gives the film a fresh rating. He writes, “Jenkins… doesn’t totally fail her own premise. She does let it get awfully messy, though, on her way to a climax that tries for an emotional resonance it hasn’t quite earned.”

Philip De Semlyen at Time Out gives the film a fresh four out of five rating. He writes, “In a year when the cinemagoing experience could be categorised as ‘much too little’, you can’t really blame WW84 for giving us a bit too much.”

Wonder Woman

Kate Erbland at IndieWire gives the film a B rating. She writes, “[I]t’s also brimming with the same wonder and joy as the first film, the rare movie – of any stripe – that doesn’t just want to believe in the goodness of people, but is willing to make them truly work for it. That’s superheroic.”

Matt Goldberg at Collider gives the film a rotten C- grade. He writes, “Patty Jenkins’ sequel is a well-intentioned but sloppy punch against Trumpism.”

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Gabriella Geisinger at Digital Spy gives the film a fresh 3 out of 5. She writes, “There is the usual trumpeting of good vs evil, and plenty of well-choreographed stunts to make it a solid DC adaptation. But beyond the standard we’ve come to expect from films in these expansive genres, it leaves a little more to be desired.”

Wonder Woman

Emma Simmons at The List gives the film a four out 5. She writes, “Boasting heart, punch and fabulousness in spades, Wonder Woman 1984 is a deserving vehicle for its iconic heroine, while there’s a touching message about togetherness that everyone needs to hear.”

Courtney Howard at Fresh Fiction gives the film a fresh rating. She writes, “With its thoroughly enriched themes, layered characterizations and sublimely shot action sequences, it’s a spectacularly fun blockbuster with lots to treasure.”

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Matt Purslow at IGN gives the film an 8 out of 10. He writes, “A notable improvement on its already great predecessor, Wonder Woman 1984 is exactly the kind of bright and hopeful movie the character’s legacy deserves.”

Wonder Woman

Huw Fullerton at Radio Times gives the film a fresh rating. He writes, “Overall Wonder Woman 1984 is fun, flashy and positive – the perfect capper to a year when the prospects of cinemas have felt anything but.”

Hoai-Tran Bui at Slashfilm gives the film an 8 out of 10. She writes, “The cartoonishly optimistic charms feel like a direct rebuke of the current landscape in a way that is unquestionably ham-fisted, but is…a much-needed balm for 2020.”

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Eric Eisenberg at CinemaBlend gives the film a 4.5 out of 5. He writes, “[T]he sequel has a stronger, more original story that beautifully gets at the heart of what’s important about the character…”


On Metacritic the film has a much lower score of 73. based on 11 reviews.

It has 9 positive and 2 mixed reviews.

Here’s what the Metacritic critics are saying.

Richard Roeper at the Chicago Sun Times gives the film an 88. He writes, “To be sure, we get a classic comic book movie storyline about a megalomaniacal madman intent on taking over the world, but there’s often a relatively light tone to the proceedings. This is a throwback piece of pure pop entertainment.”

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Ben Travis at Empire gives the film an 80. He writes, “A vibrant and virtuous adventure packed with all the heart and heroism we’ve come to expect from DC’s shining light. Wonder Woman 1984 really is the hero 2020 needed all along.”

Molly Freeman at ScreenRant gives the film an 80. She writes, “Wonder Woman 1984 is filled with hope, love and optimism, offering impressively cinematic superhero action with beautifully sentimental heart.”

Wonder Woman

Alsonso Duralde at TheWrap gives the film a 78. He writes, “While the reteaming of Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins provides the expected thrills and excitement, this sequel shares the significant flaw of its predecessor: Both films graft an unwieldy and effects-heavy finale onto a movie that had managed to create relatable characters and situations, even when both are larger than life.”

Seanan McGuire at Polygon gives the film a 75. She writes, “The current DC movie universe is always dark, but it seems that with a movie drenched in the neon aesthetic of the ’80s, they’ve finally found a way to dim even Wonder Woman’s light.”

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Mary Sollosi at Entertainment Weekly gives the film a 75. She writes, “It takes some time to get to the major action set pieces (other than the prologue, which is gorgeous), but it’s too much of a pleasure to live in this well-realized place, populated by a quartet of capable and charismatic stars, to really care.”

Wonder Woman

Peter Bradshaw at The Guardian gives the film a 60. He writes, “This is an epically long and epically brash film from director and co-writer Patty Jenkins, but Gadot has a queenly self-possession and she imposes her authority on it.”

What do you make of these critic scores and reviews for Wonder Woman 1984?