A brand new Star Wars rumor claims to reveal how Ahsoka Tano will be key in erasing the Disney sequel trilogy.

This new rumor comes from a source of YouTuber Doomcock.

Doomcock vouches for the source stating, “What I’m about to tell you is information that comes from a source that has demonstrated extraordinary access in the past and provided me with a lot of excellent information in 2020.”

However, he does note, “That being said, since I cannot independently verify any of what I’m about to tell you, I must ask you to please regard all of this as rumor and take it with a grain of salt.”

Before he gets into the specifics of the rumor, Doomcock points to fellow scooper WDW Pro’s recent claims regarding a civil war within Lucasfilm and how the tides have turned against the Lucasfilm Story Group.

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WDW Pro claimed that the Lucasfilm Story Group and specifically those attached to Star Wars: The High Republic are furious with Jon Favreau, The Mandalorian, and Luke Skywalker.

The reason for this alleged fury is that they were not informed about Luke’s appearance in The Mandalorian and that they believe his appearance just before the launch of The High Republic took the winds out of the publishing initiatives sales.

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WDW Pro claims this is the reason why people like Pablo Hidalgo decided to insult Star Wars fans. 

Not only are they upset that they were not told about Luke’s appearance, but they allegedly feel they are playing second fiddle to Favreau and are not being recognized for their contributions.

WDW Pro would conclude his scoop claiming, “Favreau is in charge of The Mandalorian and every spin-off series and film that comes from it.”

He added, “And Favreau is in charge of the only Star Wars fans seem to care about. There are no consultations with Lucasfilm needed in the future – he and Filoni are in the driver’s seat.”

Doomcock then claims that things are going to get worse for the Lucasfilm Story Group if the information he has been provided is to be believed.

He first points to information he received from Bionic Woman producer Kamran Pasha. Doomcock explains, “Kamran told me, ‘I received word from a friend connected at a very high level to Lucasfilm that Dave Filoni has a plan to erase the sequel trilogy and is already taking active steps to implement it.'”

Doomcock then infers from WDW Pro’s leak that “Favreau and Filoni are working to retcon the sequels out of canon on their own authority without consulting anyone else at Lucasfilm.”

He then gets into what he describes as Favreau and Filoni’s “detailed plans” to save Star Wars.

Doomcock then reveals, “The moment Luke took Grogu everything in the timeline changed. Luke knows Grogu is being hunted at the end of The Mandalorian though he is not yet sure why. Luke training Grogu is putting a chain of events into motion that will erase the sequel trilogy. A chain of events that begins in Chapter 13: The Jedi.”

Ahsoka Tano

He goes on to detail a scene that will allegedly be shown in the Ahsoka series, although before sharing it he prefaces that the dialogue was from a preliminary draft and could be changed.

“After Ahsoka’s initial meeting with The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda, she is watching him walking away when she hears a voice over her shoulder, ‘My how you have grown.’ Ahsoka turns and sees Anakin’s force ghost smiling at her,” he reveals.

Doomcock continues, “They banter with each other fondly, Anakin calling her ‘Snips’ and Ahsoka deferring to him as Master Skywalker. Until Anakin gazes at Baby Yoda thoughtfully, ‘That one is strong with the Force.’ Ahsoka nods, ‘Yes he is. The Mandalorian wants me to train him.’ Anakin shakes his head, ‘No, that is a task for another. You have changed many things and must continue the path you are walking. You will go to The Mandalorian and tell him to take the young one to an old Jedi temple, there he will contact the Jedi master that will train him.’

He then adds, “Ahsoka replies, ‘The one that destroyed the Empire?’ Anakin nods. She says, ‘Your son?’ And Anakin replies, ‘Yes. He has a great deal to learn.'”

Doomcock then reiterates, “This is a conversation that happened off camera in The Mandalorian Chapter 13, but will be featured in the opening scene of an upcoming Star Wars series, most likely Ahsoka.”

He goes on to claim that Ahsoka’s dialogue to Anakin proves she has already changed the Star Wars timeline and that she will continue to do so. The YouTuber says, “Ahsoka, up to this point, has already changed the Star Wars timeline and her entire purpose moving forward is to continue changing the timeline away from the sequel trilogy.”

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Doomcock then explains what the Ahsoka series will be about. He says, “The Ahsoka show will revolve around finding Emperor Palpatine. Ahsoka must locate Palpatine in his stronghold before attempting to stop him in The Veil. Because if she could sever his link to The Veil ahead of time, she would stand a much better chance of stopping him.”

Later in the video he even claims that Emperor Palpatine will show up in the Ahsoka series.

He goes on to claim that all of this leads to his previous rumors regarding Disney’s plan to use The Veil of the Force to retcon the sequel trilogy. 

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Doomcock then recounts his previous scoop from June regarding how Disney plans to use The Veil of the Force or the World Between Worlds from Star Wars Rebels to erase the sequel trilogy.

He explains, “I broke the story back in a video back in June that factions inside Lucasfilm were planning on using The Veil of the Force from Rebels, a hidden dimension of the Force connecting all time and space, to have Ahsoka Tano ambush Palpatine when he enters The Veil to save himself in Return of the Jedi, and kill Palpatine before he can escape to Exegol.”

Doomcock proclaims, “If Ahsoka can kill Palpatine right then and there, none of the Disney sequel trilogy happens. And so those films are effectively erased.”

What do you make of this new rumor? Do you think Lucasfilm has any plans to erase the sequel trilogy? Do you think they would do it with Ahsoka?