As noted in yesterday’s story, the embargo on Godzilla vs. Kong coverage in the mainstream press is starting to lift and that could be a sign the trailer we’ve all been waiting for will be released soon.

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Entertainment Weekly’s list of 2021’s most anticipated movies was released and Godzilla vs. Kong is on it, along with the magazine promising to preview the incoming rumble and other films over the next two weeks. 

“Over the next two weeks, we’ll be posting special preview stories of more than two dozen of the below films every day, from exclusive trailers and photos to interviews with A-list actors and filmmakers,” says the section in EW. “But to start we present our list of the movies we can’t wait to see.”

EW cautions, “Some of these releases may very well change,” whereas “others aren’t nailed down yet, but EW can report they’ll hit by the middle of this year, our cutoff for this preview.”

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While that makes it seem like Godzilla vs. Kong may get delayed again, EW makes it clear the fourth entry in Legendary Pictures’ Monsterverse is keeping its current release date – May 21st, in theaters and streaming on HBO Max – for the time being.

“One of the biggest movies to get a streaming premiere, Warner Bros. will ensure the latest chapter in the epic monster-movie series gets a wide audience. (In theaters and on HBO Max May 21),” says the short snippet.

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The only thing that would keep GVK from committing to its date is Legendary challenging Warner Bros.’s dual streaming and theatrical release strategy.

Warner announced that plan for their slate, which includes Legendary’s Dune remake directed by Denis Villeneuve, in December without reportedly giving notice to Legendary or any of their other business partners.

Fortunately for both sides and HBO Max’s bottom line, it’s being reported Legendary and Warner are mending fences while WarnerMedia appears close to reaching deals to compensate their filmmakers and investors who are taking creative and financial hits over the media and film giant’s bold move plus pandemic-reduced exhibition.

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But when will we see the trailer? The Kaijuologist thinks he has the answer. In a recent blog post, he surmises it will be within a few weeks based on how the promotion of a blockbuster worked during your average COVID-free release window. First, though, we should get a teaser and some fresh images.

“How it usually works from the past movie releases is that we start getting the articles and first images of the movie,” wrote Kaijuologist. “Then, we see the viral marketing start up with a teaser for the trailer. Two weeks later, the movie’s trailer drops online. Whether or not this will be the case for Godzilla vs Kong is up in the air in the post-COVID era.”

Godzilla Kong Banner

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Hopefully, we do receive a teaser and a full trailer this time, not another logo or banner. There’s been enough of those already and we’ve moved beyond the colorful box art from Playmates as of CCXP and the presentation of fleeting but tantalizing footage of the two beasts.

Notwithstanding any extra footage coming before it post-CCXP, Godzilla vs. Kong’s first official trailer is the rightful culmination of the phase of the film’s promotion we’re in now.