Aquaman: Earth One Dead at DC with Francis Manapul No Longer Under Contract

The hits keep coming for Aquaman in printed media. DC’s out-of-continuity Earth One line experienced a shift and will no longer feature a book with the King of Atlantis.


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The news comes from Aqua-fan Twitter account The Aquaverse which confirms the project is dead, adding the man in charge of it, writer and artist Francis Manapul’s status with DC is the reason.

“Aquaman: EARTH ONE Update: In news that should surprise no one, Francis Manapul has confirmed he is no longer under contract with DC and this project is dead at present,” says Aquaverse’s post.

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Manapul isn’t under contract with DC anymore and there’s been nothing new to report about Aquaman: Earth One’s progress for quite some time.

Aquaman: Earth One was announced back in 2015. It experienced delays attributed to Manapul’s busy schedule. He was already working on Trinity, No Justice, and Justice League during his tenure.

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Other characters, and Justice League members, Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman all received the Earth One treatment in the meantime – and several volumes to go along with that.

Bleeding Cool reports there may have been plans to work aspects of Aquaman: Earth One into 5G before Dan DiDio was fired and the idea was scuttled.

5G’s replacement crossover, Future State, is going in a different direction with Aquaman and after it is completed, there is no plan for an ongoing Aquaman title as DC is set to slash its line to under 40 books.

Aquaman, Jason Momoa

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A shock to many, this March will mark the first time in decades Aquaman won’t have a place in DC’s monthly line-up.

Arthur Curry is faring better cinematically with Aquaman 2 and spinoff the Trench on the horizon as well as an animated miniseries reportedly coming to HBO Max.

Now a free agent, Francis Manapul is focusing on his creator-owned work and finishing up with the Justice League. He won’t leave Aquaman: Earth One in the dust entirely, though, as he wishes to come back to it at some point according to reports.

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