Rumor: Amber Heard’s Mera To Join Justice League Following Death Of Two Members In The Snyder Cut

While both the director and pre-visual renderings have attested to the fact that Steppenwolf’s head will roll, it seems the Apokoliptian General won’t be the only one to meet their end, as a new scoop claims that Amber Heard’s Mera will join the Justice League following the death of two members in the upcoming Snyder Cut.

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According to Giant Freakin Robot, per one of their alleged sources, both Wonder Woman and Aquaman will meet their deaths in the Snyder Cut, which ultimately leads to the film’s cliffhanger ending wherein the Justice League sends The Flash back in time to undo this fate.

The source goes a step further and claims Mera will step in for Aquaman as a Justice League member, which echoes another rumor that claimed she would join the team in the Knightmare reality seen during Batman’s vision of a Darkseid-conquered future.

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In that alternate timeline, first glimpsed in Batman v. Superman, the League is decimated and the Earth has been conquered by Darkseid, leaving surviving heroes Batman, Flash, and Cyborg in a race against the clock to use the Cosmic Treadmill to repair the timeline.

At least, that’s the outline given by Snyder during interviews in 2019, whose big plans for the film were left unrealized until he was able to conduct reshoots and capture additional footage for his director’s cut of Justice League.

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It’s known that Amber Heard took part in those reshoots, and it’s hinted that she’ll play a bigger role in the film than she had before. This may extende her place in the DCEU going forward, though there are conflicting reports Mera’s presence could be downgraded, if not written out altogether.

GFR wonders how the grim alleged double twist will affect continuity in Aquaman 2 – as well as every other film in the timeline – but, realistically, if The Snyder Cut is a one-and-done standalone offering not connected to the current DCEU as Warner Bros. has been claiming, then it really doesn’t matter.

However, as often reported on here, rumors claim that the door is open for DCEU sequels if the reworked film does well. While we won’t know anything regarding the the cinematic universe until an announcement is made by Warner Bros, it’s doubtful that Snyder or the studio would let fan favorites Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa sit those out.

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Zack Snyder’s Director’s Cut of Justice League makes its way to HBO Max on March 18th, with Heard confirmed to appear in both it and Aquaman 2.

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