A little over a week after The CW announced they had renewed Batwoman for a third season, the ratings and viewership numbers have hit their lowest point in the show’s short-lived life.

Batwoman actress Javicia Leslie celebrated the news of the renewal on Instagram at the time.

She wrote, “Season 3 babyyyyy 🦇🦇🦇 I love y’all! ”

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Now, TV Series Finale reports Batwoman Season 2 Episode 4 “Fair Skin, Blue Eyes” had a horrific rating of .10 for the 18-49 demographic. It was almost a 40% drop from episode 3’s .16 rating.

Not only were the ratings in the 18-49 demographic terrible, but viewership plummeted nearly 30% from episode 3 to a paltry 507,000 viewers.

Looking back at Season 1, the fourth episode had a .30 rating in the 18-49 demographic and viewership at 1.287 million.

You can see the full Season 1 numbers below:


The Season 2 episode 4’s 18-49 demographic rating declined by over 66% compared to Season 1. The viewership numbers percentage decline wasn’t far off. It declined by just over 60%.

The show appears to be in complete freefall when it comes to viewership with Episode 3 being an apparent anomaly.

Not only are the ratings declining, but the audience scores are also going down.

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The Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score for Season 2 now sits at 18%. That’s down a percentage point from when we reported on the Audience Score following Episode 3.

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On IMDB, the weighted average score has stayed static at a 3.4 out of 10, despite having almost 200 more negative 1 star reviews out of 354 total new reviews.

And there might be a reason why the show is not only seeing declining audience scores and viewers tuning out.

YouTuber YellowFlash states, “This show is awful. It was awful last year. It’s been awful this year. I don’t even want to talk about last night’s show because it was awful and I couldn’t even finish it.”

He later adds, “The show is just horrible. The music is horrible. The writing is terrible. It’s one of the absolute worst shows I’ve ever seen. And I don’t understand how that’s possible because the comics are actually pretty good. If you just stuck to the source material you might have had a good show. But instead they have a woke, virtuous show that nobody wants to watch. It’s quite embarrassing.”

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One has to wonder how low can Batwoman’s ratings actually go? And this isn’t the limbo, going low is not good a thing!

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