Zack Snyder Working on “Faithful” King Arthur Adaptation, Pessimistic About Justice League Sequel

Looking beyond his upcoming Netflix-produced zombie heist film, Army of the Dead, Zack Snyder has revealed that he’s developing a treatment for one of history’s most mythical warriors.

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Speaking to the I Minutemen podcast, the director revealed that he’s writing a true-to-the-lore adaptation of King Arthur, though he is unsure if it will be made anytime soon.

“I’m working on something but we’ll see,” Snyder said in the interview. “I’ve been thinking about some kind of retelling, like, [a] real sort of faithful retelling of that Arthurian mythological concept.”

The director then stressed a second time that fans eager for his version of King Arthur would have to ‘wait and see’, adding, “We’ll see. Maybe that will come at some point.”

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If the project moves forward, Snyder would be far from the first to adapt the story of the fabled British leader, as King Arthur has been reinterpreted countless times since around the 5th Century.

Just in the last 30 years, the legend has been adapted several times for the silver screen.

Notable attempts include the Antonie Fuqua-directed film from 2004, which proclaimed to tell the true story behind the myth, and more recently, the Guy Ritchie-directed King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, which was so poorly received that it caused the “franchise” (if one were to view it the same way as Star Wars or any given superhero property) to take a massive hit.

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Aspects of the folklore have also, for example, been worked into Disney’s Gargoyles and the Sam Neill and Martin Short-led 90s NBC miniseries, Merlin.

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As for Zack Snyder, fans can look forward to his finished cut of Justice League, which will premiere on HBO Max in mere weeks.

Though there are rumors that direct sequels to his DCEU ensemble film could, at long last, be back on the table, but Snyder isn’t so optimistic. He addressed this with Minutemen, telling them Warner Bros. isn’t interested.


“The reality is, as far as I know, there’s no interests and/or appetite to do more of these movies from Warner Bros. with me anyway,” said Snyder.

While that may be Warner Bros. current outlook on the DCEU, its possible that the studio could reverse course should the Snyder Cut become a runaway hit.

However, until then, the future of any DCEU sequel is in the same boat as the director’s King Arthur movie – in other words, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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