Though WarnerMedia remains silent, the numbers for the performance of Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBO Max are in from Samba TV.

The viewer-tracking service claims The Snyder Cut was viewed by 3.7 million households in the first 39 days since it was released on March 18th.

Source: Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021), Warner Bros. Pictures

Samba TV posted to Instagram, “3.7M US households have watched Zack Snyder’s Justice League in its first 39 days on HBO Max. The average length of time watched was 197 minutes (of the 242 minute runtime).

They added that “1.4M UK households also tuned in and watched an average of 225 minutes of the 242 total!”

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In their The State of Viewership report for the first quarter of 2021, they compared the Snyder Cut to its sister DC release Wonder Woman 1984.

They specifically compared the two over the course of the first three days since they dropped on the platform or in their opening weekend.

Viewership for The Snyder Cut continued to climb while Wonder Woman 1984 began to level off rather quickly although Wonder Woman 1984 did have more viewers overall in its opening weekend on HBO Max.

“Whereas both saw large viewership numbers, The Snyder Cut saw continued increases in household tune-ins despite its unique length and format,” the site’s analysis found.

Source: Samba TV

The company did report on January 5th that Wonder Woman 1984 had been viewed by 3 million households from December 24th to December 31st, meaning while it might have plateaued towards the end of its opening weekend, people continued to watch it after its opening weekend.

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Samba TV’s Senior Director Dr. Jeffrey Silverman sat down with YouTube personality Syl Abdul on his show for a talk about the findings.

Based on his site’s data, Silverman observes that the four-hour epic is a real, undeniable hit for fledgling streaming service.

“The Snyder Cut beat almost every other movie we looked at [upon its release on HBO Max],” he said.

Silverman also stated, “The Snyder Cut is ‘absolutely a success.’” He added. “It did great. That’s an objective fact.”


Source: Wonder Woman 1984 (2020), Warner Bros. Pictures

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However, Samba TV also reports that Mortal Kombat was streamed by 3.8 million households its opening weekend.

That means more people streamed Mortal Kombat in the three days after the film released than streamed The Snyder Cut in 39 days since its release.

Godzilla vs Kong was also streamed by 3.6 million households in the United States between March 31 and April 4th.

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While Silverman is claiming The Snyder Cut is a success, it appears to be far behind Mortal Kombat and Godzilla vs. Kong.

So if The Snyder Cut is a rousing success as Silverman claims then why isn’t Warner acknowledging it?

It’s possible WarnerMedia and Warner Bros. have different metrics to measure success than Samba TV.

It’s also possible it wasn’t as successful as they hoped especially given the fact that according to Samba TV data Mortal Kombat and Godzilla vs. Kong’s opening weekends crushed The Snyder Cut.

Scooper Mikey Sutton at Geekosity Mag believes it could be because they are circling the wagons around their planned reboots facilitated by the Multiverse concept, and JJ Abrams’ share in them.

Batman - Flash

Source: Justice League (2017), Warner Bros. Pictures

It’s all rather complicated and convoluted but tell us what you think the reason is for Warner being taciturn on this issue. Also, feel free to tell us what you thought of Zack Snyder’s Justice League below.

What do you make of these numbers for the Snyder Cut?

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